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Please use this thread to show your interest in collaborating. There are many lyrics/instrumentals in waiting on this site. Please join me if you are interested in collaborating. We can post our links here or in updated demo thread.

I have many lyrics and happy to share!!
I am also happy to try a simple uke or guitar song for your lyrics.

Ive got a few this time that need some music!

I'm happy to help, however TBH I need to give my creative brain a break. I started another thread on that topic. Maybe later this month? I'll be around this site commenting at least until the end of October or longer as long as there is activity. In November I will be focusing NaSoAlMo/NaNoWriMo. Per the song count, there were 1180 lyrics-only posted this year, however, only about 30 of them indicate 'needs music' and about 100 or so have a tag that says collaboration 'requested' 'desired' 'welcome' 'needed' '?' tag. Maybe some are multiple tags on same song? Will prioritize commenting on those posting in this thread and such tags. If while doing so a music idea jumps out at me I will reach out. Meanwhile if there is a lyric in particular someone thinks I could properly musificate or an instrumental I could add to, then please send me a soundboard message or email.

Thank you to everyone who is repying. No pressure, see what works for each of you. I'm always very happy to collaborate Smile

Each year I contemplate doing some more... some years I actually do it. Let's see what's on the plate before I commit, but I'm definitely interested.

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Yeah same here, I'm always willing to help/do whatever, with no foreseeable back to work full-time in my always unforeseeable future I should be around at least until the start of next year, and I've long ago given up on making plans farther than a month or two ahead anyway Wink

Awesome. Let's go for it. How about we post a link for lyrics/instrumentals needing collaboration? Anyone happy to go for it replies and we start collaborating ☺️

My 50/90 lyrics are there for anyone who wants to set them to music.