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Write the bass line to your song first. Then write everything else. You can use the bass strings on the guitar or the left hand of the piano if you don't have access to a bass guitar. Use an organ. Use a VSTi synth etc.,

tag it: bassfirst


Or you could tag it "bassackwards". Wink

I often do this anyway. Will probably do a few songs like this.

sounds like a plan, I'm game

Picked up the bass. Recorded the bass track then the guitars then vocals:


I'm up for this! Most of my tracks start as bass lines in my head anyway. Smile

My bass line came from the TAL NoiseMaker plugin, slapped tonnes of other synths on top but couldn't be bothered with vocals on it


I'm in. Great way to change things up a bit, thx for the idea!

This is how I do most songs! Awesome!

I usually do multiband chorus and layering of an analog style bass with something more digital - no exception here.

Here's a "bassfirst" song, I'll have to do this more often, it's a fun and creative way to start:

Here is my entry. I used Kontakt Komplete upright bass vsti.

Here's one of mine. Westone Super Headless.

Here is one on Taylor GS mini acoustic bass *43713

I started with 3 bass tracks; the first two the length of the track. I just didn't know where else it was going, so I did more bass. In the end I was most happy with the lyrics but it's amazing what you end up with when you challenge yourself.

Combined with Wihelm Scream and Paulstretch, it's gonna be a hit!: