Bard Cards (D&D meets randomized songwriting)

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Do you think that songwriting is boring and for stupid people and you'd never ever write a song unless somebody gave you random prompts to follow?

Fret no more. I am a man. And I drew a bunch of cards that give you random prompts to follow. It makes the whole prospect of writing songs fun!

I know what you all are thinking. "Songwriting isn't fun and can never be. Why are you spreading these lies?!" But it's true. With the power, and dare I say MAGIC, of Bard Cards, you'll be able to find the blissful joy of not knowing what is going to happen next in the song you are currently writing.

If this is too much text, please just let me know. Your call is very valuable to us. Please, thank you for holding.

It's true! There are real people who have bought Bard Cards and are now enjoying fun songwriting for the first time. Listen to this "totally real" testimonial from a "real human being":

>> "It's true. I have been writing songs for years and for the first time I feel like it's the first time again. I have always thank you Bard Cards. With this specialized 108-card deck of incredible songwriting prompts I can finally. Thank you Bard Cards. This has been a real human being."

It's true. Wait no more. Order your deck now. You could soon be joining the ranks of the likes of Andrew Mellassi as totally unknown genius songwriters.

Now for the low low price of only $19.99.
Don't wait! Or you will regret it. GRAVELY. My lawyers have instructed me to inform you that the last bit should not to be considered a threat.

Cool idea! I know the hubster loves his decks for running games. I'll check this out.

I am a Very Happy Bard Card owner! They help you write songs. They really do!

Also, one time my father, at the insistence of my evil stepmother, tried to lose my sister and me in the woods. But fortunately I had my Bard Cards with me and dropped one every 10 feet so later we would be able to find our way home by locating (and picking up of course) the Bard Cards! Oh and on the way home I wrote a song that sold a million copies so my father could divorce my evil stepmother and we could live happily ever after!