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I've just started using Bandlab to make recordings with other people. It's web-based and free. It's really a basic DAW that allows different users to work on the same song by adding new tracks and effects, etc. You can use the site for recording or transfer files from your own recording set up. It requires wither Chrome or Microsoft edge as a browser.
It avoids the awkwardness of sending files of single tracks to your collaborator and converting them if need be.

The only real snag I've found is that it can take a long time to save projects. I've only done a couple of projects so there may be other problems that I just haven't discovered yet. You also get some interesting loops covering a range of styles.

Bandlab is good. So is Sountrap. Asa teacher in a district with extremely strict privacy policies that won't allow me to have kids sign up for free bandlab accounts, Soundtrap has a wonderful educator's account that's a completely closed and private system. I wish our district wasn't quite so strict.

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I've enjoyed bandlab, it's especially handy and pretty decent on mobile even, and its daw if fairly straight forward(I believe its just a cakewalk embed, but has some nice free midi stuffs) and you can always just use your own and upload single tracks or as stems into theirs for collaboration purposes.

Anybody know a good system for online practices? We've tried Jam Kazam and can't seem to get there.

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@Mari Flowerbalm Just pretend throw things at each other and use the phone for yelling, or is that just my experience with bands Smile

At my uni, we do music collaborations over BandLab and Soundtrap (we can't actually make music live because of lockdown restrictions).

And another nice thing about Bandlab, is that they have kept alive and provide FREE the best DAW ever--in my opinion because I've used it since 1992--Cakewalk by Bandlab (formerly Cakewalk SONAR). Super-powerful and I'm unaware of anything it can't do that the other DAWs do.

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Seriously - I downloaded the app a few months ago, but really didn't know how to utilize it. I'm up for doing something with anyone who's willing and has a great deal of patience. Just drop by my soundboard and we can go from there!