Bandcamp waiving revenue share today (July 3, Aug 7, Sept 4, Oct 2)

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Hi all- so once a month, bandcamp (which is a nice site that many of us use to release songs or albums virtually- ie with no physical product needed) is waiving its revenue share, and all money goes directly to the artist.

There are many fine folks here who have wonderful albums on bandcamp, and today would be a good idea to check them out!

gonna give a few links to various folks' sites that I know from here (not an exhaustive list, sorry!) and then give my own as well..

wait, on second thought, better idea- I can just give a link to my 'bandcamp collection' which shows the albums I've bought on bandcamp, most of which are musicians I've known thru here (no, not Richard Thompson, whose new album I bought, but many others...)
so check out this page

and then check out

and of course add your own projects or any other projects of folks you dig to this thread!

Here's my 7-track album written during FAWM:

Also, I was part of a compilation released today called Demos for a Difference which contains 191 demos from indie artists around the world (but largely from the NJ area) as a fundraiser for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund here:

i made $100 sale today and they took out $2.50 for a processing fee. im not complaining though.

Wow, Bill, that's amazing! I'm lucky when I get £1 lol.

@billwhite51 To be fair they don't take that fee, PayPal does when it processes the payments. Any other day it would be that same 2.5% PLUS Bandcamp's 15% commission.

Tomorrow, August 7th, is also a Bandcamp Friday where they waive their share.

Here's the EP standup and I have up there:

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Here's my latest album which just dropped on the first:

And my EP from a few years ago:

Bump - it's happening today, too.

our own Becky Warren @thisisbeckyw has a new CD dropping in October with a pre-order up now. A lot of the songs were born in FAWM and 5090.

A whole bunch of my stuff available here:

There's a discount if you buy in bulk!

Chiming in with mine. Many were created during 50/90. I've set a few to name your own price.

Lots of carefully polished and remixed stuff from me here:

should have a new one up there..hopefully later today! happy bandcamp friday to all!

and here it is!
The year of "can't even"

Giving this a bump as I think Bandcamp Friday is still a thing. If it is, then the next one will be Friday May 7th. Even if not, this thread is a good list of member recording posts.

yes, next one is Friday May 7th, just got an email about it. And yes, my album released about a month ago now is still there Smile (see two posts back, etc)

and today is 'bandcamp friday'-- i just heard this may be the last one for a while?... anyway, links to everyone's projects are in the posts above

my latest is at