Bandcamp album 'Doing My Best' from this years 50/90 and 100/180

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For anyone interested here is a link to my efforts in the 100 Songs in 180 Days challenge, the last 90 days of were also posted in 50/90.
I have turned my inner critic (Joe) loose to pick the 16 keeper tracks for anyone who wants to listen to them with a single click. Joe pretty quickly slashed 2/3 of them for lyrics and content, then cut that down to 16 based on the recordings. The 50/90 tracks starting with track 51 and track 52 'Doing My Best' was my week 1 introductory song challenge response. For the brave and adventurous who want to listen to all the experiments from 50/90 and 100/180 (and there were some dousies ROFL ), downloads are name your price. Please feel free to type the number '0' in to get a free download.

Checked it out this morning. Congratz on winning the 100 in 180 challenge.

Thanks @tcelliott !