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Thank you to all who expressed interest in an August superskirmish! I believe I have properly set up the time slots below, but if you see an error in the time zones, please let me know so I may correct it. I've included the world date time converter link for your convenience. I'd also like to extend a huge "THANKS" to the Tuesday Night Zoom Crew for introducing me to skirmishes this year. How have I been missing out on all this fun for so long???

SUPERSKIRMISH - August 27-28, 2021 (SS082721A-SS082821M)

A - SS082721A - August 27 - noon CDT (10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST, August 28: 3AM AEST etc...) - Host: @wacha

B - SS082721B - August 27 - 2pm CDT (noon PDT, 3pm EDT, 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, August 28: 5AM AEST etc...) - Host: @vivalarayna

C - SS082721C - August 27 - 4pm CDT (2pm PDT, 5pm EDT, 10pm BST, 11pm CEST, August 28: 7AM AEST etc...) - Host: @musicsongwriter

D - SS082721D - August 27 - 6pm CDT (4pm PDT, 7pm EDT, August 28: midnight BST, 1am CEST, 9AM AEST etc...) - Host: @unpronounceable

E - SS082721E - August 27- 8pm CDT (6pm PDT, 9pm EDT, August 28: 2am BST, 3am CEST, 11AM AEST etc...) - Host: @Mandolinda

F - SS082721F - August 27 - 10pm CDT (8pm PDT, 11pm EDT, August 28: 4am BST, 5am CEST, 1PM AEST etc...) - Host: [@nerd jealous]

G - SS082821G - August 28 - midnight CDT (10pm PDT, 1am EDT, 6am BST, 7am CEST, 3PM AEST etc...) - Host: @vivalarayna

H - SS082821H - August 28 - 2am CDT (midnight PDT, 3am EDT, 8am BST, 9am CEST, 5PM AEST etc...) - Host: @dzd

I - SS082821I - August 28 - 4am CDT (2am PDT, 5am EDT, 10am BST, 11am CEST, 7PM AEST etc...) - Host: @vivalarayna

J - SS082821J - August 28 - 6am CDT (4am PDT, 7am EDT, noon BST, 1pm CEST, 9PM AEST etc...) - Host: @AndyGetch

K - SS082821K - August 28 - 8am CDT (6am PDT, 9am EDT, 2pm BST, 3pm CEST, 11PM AEST etc...) - Host: @kahlo

L - SS082821L - August 28 - 10am CDT (8am PDT, 11am EDT, 4pm BST, 5pm CEST, August 29: 1AM AEST etc...) - Host: @tjeff

M - SS082821M - August 28 - noon CDT (10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST, August 29: 3AM AEST etc...) - Host: @vivalarayna

Anyone and everyone is welcome to sign up for a timeslot if you'd like to host, but do make sure you can actually commit before signing up. Remember that other 50/90ers are showing up to participate, so if something happens and you can no longer host your chosen time slot, please let us know. This can be as easy as sending your prompt ahead of time to another 50/90er that has agreed to post on your behalf, or just posting on this thread so someone else can take the opportunity. Thanks!

Can I host D? <3

Thanks for setting this up @vivalarayna ! I am willing to host one or two and am flexible. So I will wait for others to sign up first, then check back later in the week to fill in as needed.

I can host C - SS082721C 10pm BST if it's ok

@musicsongwriter - sure is!

@AndyGetch - gotcha! I'll make sure we keep a spot for you.

I can take SS082721A

Ha ha being one of the zoom crew who encouraged you its a shame as its pretty much the only weekend in 50/90 i cant offer to help. Involved in a music festival. Will try and sneak a few lyrics out.

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I can do H, as that's when I'm most active musically anyway, but can also do G or I if someone else wants that spot it's no biggie. I really just want to participate, I tend to go blank if I try to host one hahah, but those seem to be the harder spots to find a host for.

@wacha - thanks, you're added!

@dzd - that's greatly appreciated! I have you on for H, and we'll see if anyone jumps in for G.

@coolparadiso - yes, indeed! I do hope you have time to skirmish with us, but I know how time consuming a music festival can be. Remember there are no skirmish police, so feel free to post lyrics as your schedule allows!

I can take SS082821L, Saturday 10AM CDT.

I could take E, F, or K

@tjeff - thank you!

@kahlo - I've put you in K for now, but may reach out if those other spots go unclaimed.

Thanks, all!

Not sure of my plans for next weekend, but I really hope to participate. As we have a hurricane coming at us tomorrow, that's killed any plans of going away this weekend, so I might be away next. If I'm available and you still need someone, I'd be happy to take one of the skirmishes.

I could take E - SS082721E

@vivalarayna who told you there are no skirmish police. They are just very gentle and in the shadows Smile

Thank goodness for the lyricists they are often half of the skirmishers!

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@coolparadiso I don't know about you, but not much scarier to me than some voice from the shadows saying don't worry I'll be gentle Biggrin

@dzd i think we've skirmished too much together all through the night to be scared of anything Smile

Thanks, @Mandolinda! You're up there now.

@coolparadiso - are you starting trouble *again*???? Wink

Hey, 5090ers! We still have a few slots available for this weekend's superskirmish. On Wednesday evening, I'll open up any remaining slots to already registered hosts who wish to double up. Thanks!

Hi, folks! Slots F, G, and I are still up for grabs! If you'd like to host, please let me know. Additionally, if any existing hosts wish to double up, now is the time to chime in. Thanks!

Darn, I kept thinking they were on Saturday and Sunday, and not Friday and Saturday. I had my dates mixed. Given that, I'm going to try to do one on Friday evening.

Hey, folks! I'll throw up some prompts for the remaining slots before I go to bed. You'll be on the honor system not to start earlier!

Of course, if someone still wants to claim them, you're more than welcome to. Thanks!

@Mandolinda, What about the 9 p.m. EDT Skirmish? Don't see it the forum.

It's there.

I just want to say a big Thank you to @vivalarayna for setting up this superskirmish and all who took part. I managed to participate in two of them, which pales in comparison to some of you. You're machines at songwriting!

Kudos to you all!

Thanks to everyone who hosted and participated! I hope you enjoyed the superskirmish and felt inspired. Missed a session? Remember there are NO SKIRMISH POLICE, so join in when the timing works for you. I'm going to try to hit the ones I missed over the rest of the weekend. Happy writing!

It was great. I loved both, hosting and participating. Thank you so much for organising it!