Auditioning via Zoom for Clerks III today!

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So, in a random and unbelievable turn of events....I will be (in just a few minutes) auditioning via ZOOM to head up to New Jersey and be someone, somewhere, in Clerks III. Let's hope I get it, because that would be SUPER COOL!

Ya'll been in any types of movies, commercials, or anything like that? If so, what? I'd love to hear your stories!

Whoa, good luck!!!

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Hope you knew your Star wars quotes...

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Good luck! I actually met him when he was touring around the reboot movie, playing it at small bars/etc. Really is a super nice guy. Let us know how it went.

i was in a movie called dixie lanes with bruce springsteens sister pamela, tina louise, hoyt axton, and karen black. the highlight was having lunch with karen black. the downside was the producers ran out of money and the movie was shut down by WA state labor board after six weeks passed with no paychecks. a truncated version came out on VHS and i was only in one shot. i also acted in an industrial film called employment discrimination with punky brewsters dad, virgil frye.

How cool. I hope it goes/went well.

When I was 5 or 6 My Mom and I posed with a robot to promote a science exhibit in Oklahoma City.

Unfortunately, I did not get a part in the movie but it was really cool to speak with the casting directors and what not. A super cool experience! They were like "You don't want to be an actor? Then why audition?" and I was like "Just to say I did and maybe I was an extra in a Clerks movie. Something to tell the grandkids" and they were like right on lol

That's an awesome opportunity @NuJ4X! I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.

I was the Commercial Producer for our local Broadcast TV Station (CJBN-TV) for seven years. I also produced a number of shows on our Community Television Channel (NCC10), including co-creating our local music show 807 Back Beat. The station & sister Cable Company was bought out by one of the big national telecom corporations. They slowly got rid of all the experienced staff & finally shut down the station about eight years ago. I miss the creativitiy of that job & some of the freedom we had - but I don't miss the corporate BS we had to deal with once we were bought out. I have many fond memories of my time working in the media. It was a great time in my life, but - like everything else - life moves on.

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