Are you still here? Do you have songs or lyrics you would like more comments on?

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I am going to listen to many more songs over the next few weeks and will try to leave comments on yours if you would like. I would welcome comments on any of mine done with music collaborators! I would also welcome comments on lyrics only. Any lyrics only songs without music are open for collaboration as well! Thanks!

I will have a look see what I haven't read of yours if there are any, my best is definitely

I'm still here, catching up on my own commenting.
I've just uploaded the demo for 'Who Would Notice'. Would love it if folks would pop round to see what my collaborators have done. Smile

I'm still here too. @Donna Devine I listened to 'Who Would Notice' it is a very fine song indeed with excellent lyrics. I'm OK for comments on my songs , no need for anyone to go out of their way to add anymore. Though of course if anyone did then that would be great. I think @Chip Withrow said he would focus his comments on songs by people who are still here. That makes a lot of sense and that's what I'll do over the next week or so.

yeah, i won't be super active but i won't be going cold turkey either... plan to listen and comment more though

I'm definitely still here. Just needed to tend to some real life errands this weekend that had been put on hold. I'll likely be commenting most in the evenings (U.S. - Eastern). I had a few favorites (5or 6?) that are marked as such and these will be my priorities for post-50/90 rework. Only lyrics are posted, but they do have arrangements under development. Just... not enough time in the day. I look forward to stopping by everyone else's page!

Still here, but probably not Commenting very much. Keeping up the Century Club, though, for those still needing it!

I'm still here too. I've spent today catching up on cataloguing all the lyrics I've written (as had got way behind with that) and planning to spend some time checking out others' songs and lyrics

I'm still here, doing some listening and lyric-reading. Trying to average 10 or so comments a day now until my wife and I take a week-and-a-half driving vacation starting a week from today (which is also our 24th wedding anniversary!).
You can listen to any of mine you want to, too!

Sure! I'll go #tit4tat with anyone that wants to trade song listens up to 50 all month long! Happily!
Come get em!

Popping in, browsing, looking for gems I might have missed. I'm sure there are oodles of them.

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Yes still doing some tit4tat...which I have fallen behind on. Plus listening to some new 5090er for me..great music out there.

Haven't really been here at all this time around. Just didn't work for me but I managed a couple anyhow. This is my entry in the Fibonacci Numbers challenge. Glad to trade comments.

Here in that I'm checking in a bit, and yeah, need to listen to some more stuff & comment....but yeah, if anyone wants to listen to something of mine, I am checking my page, and..... thanks! And hope everyone's having a good October!

I'm here, will continue listening and reading as often as I can. If anyone is interested in hearing anything of my solos or collaborations that will be awesome but I'll listen and read regardless. There is a lot to still discover and it's very inspiring.

My son's Eagle Court of Honor was such a big event, it consumed me, I am just starting to get back to normal, but I always love listening and hope I make some rounds.

I'm still here. Any of my songs which are still at 1 would gladly take more love Smile

Not after comments, but there are one or two unclaimed lyrics that aren't altogether terrible.

If you wanted to be suave and cross the line posthumously, or just wanted a creative outlet, you could try setting this one to music:

Thanks. I didn't know there was posting ability after 50/90 said it's over.

There isn't, by design. But aren't loopholes fun?

Not sure anyone's there - but I'm actually quite curious about one song I wrote - - which garnered the least comments of all my 55! This seemed weird to me because it was probably my favourite of the lot. I guess either I'm giving it much more credit than it deserves or nobody noticed it, and it is actually rather nice. Thanks!

I am not here...

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@Hypnotist - I rather agree with you. Check out your latest comment for said tune... Wink