Are the songs in File Hosting available to people outside of 50/90

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I use the excellent File Hosting service and was wondering if I can let other people access the songs. E.g if I copy a link to someone else by email of on Facebook will they be able to listen to the song?

Yes, if you send the link to someone and they click on it, the mp3 will play.

@the pannacotta army. Thanks, that's very helpful.

@Roddy I have been using FAWM & 50/90 file hosting since 2012 and have found it to be most useful for posting to FAWM or 50/90. Also I have posted links from the file hosting to multiple FB songwriting groups over the years. For songs with more longevity I also post them to Bandcamp (if I want it to be public) or Dropbox (as a more private link).

Hey Roddy, - this place is built to be wide open. You can always, test this stuff with your own accounts, and if behind a firewall, or not, etc. So, one experiment that may enlighten a bit, possibly, is search (and seach engine can matter, but probably not with this, but keep that in mind... anyway...) search [Roddy FAWM] as a "start", - configure that as you like (fiftyninety is an appended name like on BandCamp, and why e.g., works, if matters to you, to know? Smile ) So, you can add or just use fiftyninety, (text, better than "5090") and etc.

Anyway, be logged out, or not, and see what comes up and click around.
(Some firewalls may filter, e.g. "FAWM", (just as unforseen e.g. only, also why messaging may not work due to the black/white lists and again "spam-bots" concerning "FAWM" (.)other ), due to the .com sight, so it's always good the check, from where "you" sit; oh, and never tell anyone to just, "go to FAWM" I gotta song there..., esp if the Pastor..., it could cause some confusion about genre, possibly, if don't make it to the .org sight.)

If one did not want "that", (above), this would not then be the best environment for them Fool

- If that helps, great, if not, just skip it Smile

I have noticed that FAWM is deceptively absent from search engine results actually, and i always assumed that was by design, or maybe just that other FAWM site is being blocked except for more adult searches, and that means our FAWM is folded into that?

Well, what do I know, really, however, some countries do filter their stuff to their citizens. I never looked into it, but, there's a little bit about that online, if search for it and it's not filtered Smile (The UK comes up for that.)

I remember, oh man, have things changed, where we used to build in filter's from "this" side so as not to annoy restricted customers/countries, - didn't last long and to much of a history lesson. FAWM is at the top of all, I just checked [FAWM], well, from here, - the edge of the twilight zone Smile

@Calum Carlyle " song" returns results.

Of course, I accidentally put the .com there at first, and even that produced a result. (With "safe search" set to "moderate". Changing that to "strict" removed it.)