Anyone Doing Inktober or Similar Art Challenge?

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My family is again doing Inktober but doing it "our way" (any form or drawing or painting and shared only within our little group!)

Here are the rules and prompts but all we plan to use is the 2020 prompt list.

It is actually quite fun even if you don't fancy yourself an artist! My little group will follow the list and do a drawing each day. I plan to use my new drawing tablet and the excellent free drawing program Krita!

Feel free to share your drawings with me on Facebook if you want. I'd love to see what you create.

I did it last year. I'll probably do it half the time and post to

I'm more of a doodler. This was my favorite from last year (NSFW) -

That sounds like fun. I haven't drawn since I was a young adult so very long ago.

I did it last year. Fun!

I'm not certain I'll take the plunge, but I'll probably have a go once again.

I'm very likely doing something for this! Unfortunately I'm verrrry picky when it comes to Facebook friends and only add people who I see in person regularily (usually).

However twitter I am more open to followers and following and such, so if you would like to see my sketches check them out there! (Oh and a little cool fact, you don't have to have an account to see twitter profiles or tweets)

Might see you around!! Biggrin

I've done it in years past and may attempt again this year, although I'm feeling a bit "challenged-out" to be honest. However, I do lead an art group for my work, so it's a good opportunity to get some doodles in.

Never done it. Ain't no artist. So maybe I'll do it this year.

Last year, I did an album to AI-generated Inktober prompts?

October usually has me gearing up for NaNoWriMo.

I should totally consider giving it a go, though. I've been wanting to stretch in to other media.

I had never heard of Inktober until @johnstaples set up this thread. What a great idea. I'm not very skilled at drawing but I would like to improve and this seems a great way to do it. My motivation is to send sketches to my grandchildren. I done one today - a start!

I did it last year (it feels low-pressure as I don't have any expectations of my art!) and am planning to do it again this year! As soon as I finish these last six songs, that is...

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Yea, I wanna do this again. Here's the first one.

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It is cool seeing all of your drawings! Here is my first one,

Day 3. Anyone else do this one? It was hard. Plus, I can't draw!

Yup -

Yeah, it was challenging. I like what you did.

@JūS your drawing is really awesome!

can't keep up with the prompts, plus drawing is frustrating for me so this'll probably be my only one. but thanks john for sharing inktober. its cool.

I caught up the last three days at work, just now —

Thanks, @johnstaples! This is a ton of fun. Looks like we both have a visual humor/punny slant.

@splittybooms I haven’t seen yours because your profile is private. Welp, I guess we might be ig friends..

Nice work @JūS! That poor rat seems happier than I would expect! Biggrin

I'm caught up! Smile

day 7 - Fancy:

day 8 - Teeth:

You really dressed up that pig, @johnstaples! Loving your take on the prompts.

@JūS that fancy dog is awesome! And I LOVE that tooth fairy!!

Inktober prompt for Oct 11 is DISGUSTING

Those are really great @JūS! I especially like that "disgusting" one!

a quiet time from me the last couple weeks with the art challenges.... but i have something to show again!

4 pieces - not exactly fully "ink" but does have some in, and watercolour!
@AndyGetch I don't mean to spam but your art is inspiration for some of these Smile

also a bonus pixel art piece!