Antipodeans, check in!

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Locked down here in Sydney but raring to go! Didn't write a single word in 2020, determined to remedy that. Can't call oneself a singer-songwriter without the actual bloody songwriting part.

Wellingtonian checking in. We're not talking to people from Sydney right now :P

I am Here - returned home (Southern Queensland) after tripping around the outback for a fair while! ready to roll!

I'm afraid if I check in, They'll chuck me out.


Have youse fullas seen this? It's hilarious - and many a true word spoken in this jest.

Jest? Jest?? You mean, it's just comedy? And here I thought it was a straight news program I was watching.

i take the Groucho Marx view! I am not sure i want to join a club that would accept the likes of me!

Hi everyone, reporting for duty as always Smile

Well, i'm here for the moment. Let's see how far I get before someone shows up with work for me. Smile

*raises hand*

present, mostly accounted for, and currently wrestling misbehaving DAW plugins! i'd like to have started songwriting hours ago (it's definitely July 4th over here), but i've spent the morning playing with error messages instead. Scratch one-s head Dash 1

good to see you all back again this year, I might try to seriously get to the fifty this time. Other than Corey and I is there any other South Australian's this year out there?

I'm in the southern suburbs, and I think Tim is in the hills. More SA participants than any other state, I'd say.

Heading out for my vaccination tomorrow morning, so no late night song-writing for me.

Anybody in Adelaide, I'd absolutely love to meet up and make some music together! My house isn't suitable for a collab, but hopefully *someone's* is. I think it'd be really fun to make at least 1 song in person.

Any takers?

Greetings down over yonderers! I have have finally come to manage to admire your relaxative heights!