Another "How-to" Fifty/Ninety show tonight at 21:00 BST

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I'll be back on Twitch TV at 9pm tonight UK time (10 pm CET, 16:00 Eastern, 13:00 Pacific) chatting about improving your recordings.
Tonight I'll be covering the basics of mixing. Come say hi in the chat!

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These are super useful!

Episode #5 is now up on YouTube. Glad to hear they're coming in handy!

Hey @headfirstonly

I'm glad I saw this.

So, I skipped through the first 19 min of #01 and 21 min of the current #05.

It's all great and very well done.

I know you "know your room", so to speak and do "speak" to them in their context.

I think you might be up to a "challenge", though, may not. And so, if interrested LMK, if not, just ignore, never a problem with me, as you may realise -- nettiquette.

Also, since you may not realise this, don't assume I'll check back Smile -- I 99% of the time never read back over a forum, -- that would be crazy Smile esp since at work when pop in/out for my little mind breaks (in my work mind, -- may not be the best idea Smile -- but, how it is.). Meaning, ---- so you'd have to LMK and then will comment it.

You're one of the real "cool-kids" Wink but, nevertheless, in "on-line", onlineguage one never knows how "others" may "hear" it, -- they may be in their "work-minds" too, or out of them, -- who knows Wink (I'm in one frame or thought, usually Wink ).

Otherwise, -- carry on!

-- Cheers!

I'll be back tonight at 21:00 BST with another show, so you can all unwind after doing the Sunday skirmish! Come and say "Hi" in the chat!

Here you go @headfirstonly:

Headfirst (sadly any document fomatting is stripped, but at least it's not a sincle mass of text Wink ) hahh! so... ... ... :

I'd say, 50% of folks who may read your "basic..." and et alia will dial in and then leave since is "basic" in your context, in your "venue" of folks.

-- Not in mere mortal's "basic".

(You may not initially get what I am saying, pending frame of mind when read it, chew on it a while then dismiss it Smile ) hahhh!

It, your channel, ---- IS A TREMENDOUS piece of work you have there. However, ? you may have "forgotten" what "basic" looks like to "most", esp on the 5 min demo world if even on a cell-phone. Again, pending frame of mind/reference.

(Again, when I write "here" I am in a creative-flow *mind, very different from my after dinner couch *mind. Things always look different as these "persons" of mind, if know what I mean. Also, I am never in my bunny slippers and bottle of wine mind when here, -- "don't drink and hard-drive" as I like to say.)

-- So, I'd challenge you to go "caveman" ?

Let me dive in and you'll figure it out w/o all the framing; do a read through as they say, prior to starting assembly as required Wink -- ala "IKEA furniture assembly instructions packet" in Anglesh -- :

Using 1 - SM57 Mic, into a "Basic" (e.g., yamaha 2, 4-6 channel mixer in the pre-DAW signal chain) with two examples of inputs being,
- direct-in Acoustic, and then
- Mic'd Vocal, 1v 1g (or some say 1+1).

Then using, "Audacity" -- only, -- record the two channels into a Stereo Track.
(SET SPECIFICALLY L/R, as per below [*] )

So, in this they learn how-to *RECORD a GOOD, DRY DEMO track, -- they "learn" what you talk about in *MIXing (a separate skill), in the other fine work in the other series-shows.

So, then what? What to do with a "Stereo Track", -- can't do much really. But, actually, you can.

So, then:
Since you recorded it with e.g. [*] Vocals FULL LEFT on the **Mixer Channel #01**,
and [*] Guitar FULL RIGHT on the **Mixer Channel #02**,
-- you may now RENDER (as per Audacity menu item pick), -- render them to fully independently controlled Mono Tracks to THEN make True-Stereo and fully-control the Individual Track Mix with them.

So, then:
You'd Dup your original Stereo track, at this time, 2x's.

Set the *Dup for the Vocal to FULL LEFT **first** and then Render.

Set the other *Dup for the Guitar to FULL RIGHT **first** and Render.

Select *Stereo to *Mono Conversion (remember, in Audacity), and have a result of a FULL control breakout of the Stereo Track now as independent, separated Mono, again, ---- as now two separate simultaneous recorded channels as mono to then make, mix, modify as stereo for EACH input. Then if care to Overdub "gang-vocal" yourself, and add a Nash-ville tuned bangitar with width. Quick work dubs actually. I do my demos in less than an hour, end-to-end most times. (And may sound it, but, hey, derUgo! Smile -- don't do this then Smile )

-- Since this can't be done as set as, Record - Mono Track, with two inputs (getting a single mono track only, of two inputs "Mixed"), again, since would get a single Mono "mix" not two separate Mono Tracks (until that gets fixed in the software? Smile ) ... this is the process as I've worked it out. One can use the least expensive setup to achieve it and still have a pretty good set up.

I can spec my signal chain of anyone wants it. It's simple and as cheap as this stuff goes and not be junk.

I've been "preach'n on it" for a few years now, as many may know, (along with to do cell phone only demos for a good while) ---- but realise just as well Smile most folks don't khow what the heck I'm talking about most of the time anyway, and now seeing your good work and capability -- well you asked for it Smile Here it 'tis.

So, if you feel like doing a real time, "show and tell", go for it. I can do this, above, ---- in like 10 mins or less including the 5 min writes I do Smile hahhh. I am sure it would only be a small segement, or separate "class" if decide to do it. My total hour to load on bandcamp is "all that and maybe an over dub or two during my work, lunch time, -- fyi, but as many know.

So, again? in an attempt to be clear, since some don't get anything I say as if not Anglesh, Uno!?:

-- Now, end of this exercise, accomplished having one-track, the original Stereo Track, as a Middle Channel Stereo Original Recording Track, and separated out Vocal and Instrument in mono tracks that one can do LOTs with if have a creative mind! That's "lesson 02" Smile

Then, going back to "old days", non-plug in, manual "mixing" methods, e.g., double each mono with time sep for width, to make "real", Stereo, so to speak and etc. of the Craft of Mixing, and Uber-dubbing. You need no explanation here.

My Outtro here:

I feel strongly, just as a shot at analogous stats, that, again, 50% of all who may hit your channel from anywhere, but esp FAWM/5090 "other-fawm", -- will be looking first for,

-- How to RECORD (really, "record") a dry mono track well, to then be munged up with filters and etc. when "Mixing".

-- How to understand a "DAW" for just "that", a DAW, ---- "Audacity" as-is is far easier to explain and then port over that experience to the mojo-daw editions.
(Like many learn "BASIC" programming language first, then move on to Visual C; sorted out concepts adapted well.)

There seems to be two worlds "here", -- if one may generalise:

-- The "Demo" crowd that are certainly more than capable if provided with a good Mentor. You?

-- The EDM crowd who are seeking the "other", and more "advanced" stuff from someone who has many examples of being successful with that, as you are.

There are many within the EDM who ride the *middle ground* that I've collaborated with and not pure "chip-heads" only purists. They then ADVISE "Folk" genre folks with 1v1g stuff and then introduce the "stripped" down basics and even "Mastering" Software "stuff", -- and EXPLAIN it since they actually DO understand it, -- not just reading off the "back of the box" comments Smile

I see other, advanced ? "arguments" concerning "mastering" a song, mixed withn topics incorrectly, to itself which to me seem to cross over, back to "how to record" not Mix/Master... hmmmm, oki doki and not a collection of Normalising, highly Compressed elements (with lots of "technical-distortion" as I call it), for a Collection to all play sonorusly on the "Radio" so to speak Smile

(That is your world of discussion, so I leave that there! and, run! Smile )

So, there you go. Like "mission impossible" -- this tape will self descruct in 5 secs, and if you choose to accept this mission, -- well, gudLuck2ya! Wink

-- Just an idea(s).

@ustaknow I've been planning to make a song during a stream just using Audacity for a while; looks like I'll be moving that project up the queue!

@headfirstonly another co-hort here pointed me to your video discussing it, -- can't wait to see. If I don't catch it live, will pull up the archive.

-- Ouch! 96F... so, you're a hot guitar player, no one can deny it! Smile
(Sell a guitar, "O M G", !, -- install an AC, the other children will be very grateful!).

@headfirstonly I wateched mixing basics last night (actually still finishing it this evening).

One nitpick I would suggest is not to tell people to send multiple tracks to a compressor on a send. It seems like what I've always heard is a compressor is usually used on one track. On an actual mixing board you'd use it as an insert on one channel, not on an FX send. Except for compression on the mix buss that is affecting the whole mix.

Good information though. Quantum psycho-acoustics! There's a book title for you.

I also wonder if YouTube is flipping your panning perhaps? When you told us you were panning left, it wend to the right on my setup. But when I'm in a DAW and I pan things left, it goes left, so like you I believe my setup is correct.

I'm still streaming live every Sunday at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, 9 pm UK, 10 pm CET.
Tonight's show will be about getting your lyrics flowing!

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Good, because I've been banging my head against wall with lyrics the whole day!

Lyrics? What lyrics? I don't need no stink'n lyrics!

Just kidding Lol

Looking forward to another great show @headfirstonly

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