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which one is better? State your argument, conspiracy theory, hypothesis, empirical evidence, whatever.


(Alpacas are better cause goats smell)


That is not an alpaca or a goat. NEXT

Clearly alpacas are better, regardless of anything @Adnama17 might have to say.

Alpacas: Like to smile, v v cute, FLOOF

Goats: Like to eat your shirt, weird sideways pupils, terrifying

I rest my case.

Goats are ridding our parks of invasive species. Check out these cuties at work!

Good arguments on both sides! KEEP GOING

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An alpaca murdered my grandfather at a poker game. Six .38 shots. And had the nerve to blame it on a goat.

Goats are better.

For the record, I feel that the Clydesdale was unfairly left out of this election. I cry voter fraud.

Why choose?



Pygmy goats frolic adorably. When was the last time you watched a viral alpaca video?


Dunno what all the fuss is about...they both taste like chicken!

Not like my chicken !

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Anybody who thinks alpacas are better at filing their taxes than goats is an idiot.

My mom's hairdresser's cousin was trampled during a rogue goat stampede.
Sometimes I wake screaming from the nightmares.

I've never met an Alpaca but I've had goats. They are wonderful, sweet animals with individual personalities. I loved them. I vote for goats.

Is "alpacas vs goats" the new "donkeys vs beavers", which I believe was last year's big question?

i wouldnt spit on an Alpaca

Pigs are nice.

Goats like to scream (bleat but I like to think of it as screaming). They scream with joyful abandon and they seem to hit it with indelible comedic timing, to me. I admire that.

Alpacas are fluffy and cute, sure, but I like the big rude personality of goats far more. I feel like I’m getting roasted by an old timer when a goat bleats at me.

Preference aside, I don’t have empirically based argument for goats over alpacas but I’ll share an anecdote. A group of alpacas came through my favorite park last summer and left beer cans everywhere. Who does that?

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Alpacas hands down, never been near one but it doesn't matter..........Goats are mean and extremely rude and seem to get joy out of head butting the crap out of small children, but I'm not traumatized or biased Biggrin

Goats have the reputation of being rude, mean, nasty, loud, and willing to eat anything at anytime, but in reality they just don't have time for your bullshit. They're like New Yorkers in that way. Alpacas are cute and cuddly, but scratch the wool of any alpaca and you will find a llama with a Napoleon complex. Both are good, depending on the context and circumstances.

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Do alpaca's spit? makes no difference in my answer I'd just still take a spit to the face over repeatedly headbutted to the amusement of others anytime Biggrin