An Adorable Opossum Begging For Your Support For His New EP? YES!

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Hi there!

I am Ray D. Opossum (you might remember me from FAWM where I was known simply as "opossum".) Well, while at FAWM I wrote and recorded 5 songs all about the exciting life of an opossum!

And now I have some Very Awesome News!


My EP of my 5 FAWM songs plus an awesome bonus instrumental (6 songs in total) is being released at Bandcamp and I would so very greatly appreciate your support (by buying my EP!) You can get it here,

If you buy my EP I promise it will make you laugh! It will make you cry! It might even make you pretend to die! (Er, no wait, not unless you are also an opossum with that whole playin' dead thing goin' on!) Oh and the EP is available here,

If you buy my EP I promise I will never ever poop in your attic! Ever. Not never ever! Pinkie swear (I'll have to use my tail since I don't have pinkies!) Did I mention the EP is available right here ?

If you buy my EP I promise I will spend the money on food for my baby opossums (and maybe just a wee bit of cocaine for myself!) Wondering where to get my EP? Right here you silly goose,

If you buy my EP I promise I will mention you by name in the liner notes of my EP and publicly thank you here on the forums! Oh and the first person from 50/90 to buy my EP will get name checked in one of my 2021 50/90 songs! By now I bet you're like "well dango whango where can I get this EP already?" Right here,

If you cannot afford to buy my EP I most certainly understand and I love you anyway (but I gotta admit I will love you more if you DO buy the EP!) For the full amount of opossum love click here,

And, as always...Thank You for your support!

I missed FAWM this year so this is my first time hearing these, and they’re absolutely terrific! Really enjoyed this!

Hi Mr. @OdilonGreen! Thank you for listening to my songs and for your kind words!

Well, I'm not sure pigfarmers are supposed to like Opossums but here I go anyway!

Thank you for supporting me and my little EP @tcelliott! You are a nice fellow!!

Huge THANK YOU to @Dragondreams for being the first 50/90-er to buy my EP!!! As promised I will also be name checking him in one of my 50/90 songs!

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Sure I'll at least give it a listen! Where's the link? Biggrin

Ha! @dzd you almost had me there! Biggrin I'm thinking "I'm sure I put that link somewhere" or everywhere, right?

Can't believe it has been two months since I posted this begging thread! So, I guess I'm just shamelessly bumping it again! Smile