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So, yes, things can get slow during a FAWM5090, even with all the stuff going on.

This is my idea of fun for a number of reasons. And, as that goes, well, - I often times, drink alone. However, I do kinda prefer it that way. So, it's all good. It makes one "special".

So, do NOT READ THIS unless READY to DO IT.

[ -- okay, look away time... ... ... -- ]

So, you've committed to this, or the Internet Police will Blue Screen your phone, PC.

What to do?

1. A favorite movie, - pick one. (No, I didn't say, your favorite. I said a favorite. And, there's a reason for that.)
- Write it down

2. The "third spoken line", in that movie. What is it? Write it down. Since not your fav, you may have to script search it, - go ahead.
- Write it down

3. Three minutes, (3 min), into the movie, that spoken phrase. So, one sentence, word, or as timing goes, phrase.
- Write it down

So for e.g., a favorite, I have many and am not a fan-fan, so hard to pin a fav down for "me", but a favorite I am doing is:

A1 - "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

A2 - "But he told us where we stand"

A 3 - "Will build a creature, see androids fighting"

So, two elements with which to build a song. That right there, is a hook, as I sea things, and I sea, so many things..., to much coffee likely.

So, in real time, - GO!

=== === === === === ===

But he told us where we stand
Will build a creature, see androids fighting
And with mighty fists, through bolts of light-ning
Applied that Colgate, fine tooth white-ning

Yet she would not kiss, it was a miss
And so as such a sad lass
Walked on down the road
And made then, one last pass

It seemed as though to him,
He might at last succeed
But she push him hard, to the ground
She rolled him in the weeds

And so it goes when take a stand
Young android girls do fight
Even with the brightest bright
Want dinner before the pass

=== === === === === ===

Tag it if care too: #adhoc

Time ? - hmmm... looks like 3 min. And, may well probably sound like it too. I could bang out 3-chords and the truth, now, and be within the hour, I am sure Smile But, I'll wait for later.

So, derUgo!

And U?

(crickets..., oh well Fool )

- One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer please...

Yes, I like this idea and have a movie in mind. However, I've got a couple of jobs to do first. I'll be back later and hope to finish the challenge within an hour.

Here is mine. The film I chose had French for the first few minutes of dialogue and so here is a French language crime song.

@Roddy So that was line 3, and then 3 mins in! Wow. That's freak'n great. How long did it take? I have a feeling you're fast-fast like a few folks around here. - Again, great work, fun stuff!

@ustaknow Thanks for you positive comment. It took around 45 minutes from start to finish. The BBC have a hand site here in the UK that shows classic films and has a little time line on the bottom. That made is easy to find a movie and find out what happened after 3 minutes. As for the rest I used to live in France and so the first line of dialogue was a kind of trigger that reminded me of all the French police movies and TV shows I watched. The piano was a one-take improvisation.

This looked like fun, so I gave it a try *51334

I'm going to go listen to Roddy's French crime song!

@mikehex I think that's outstanding. You made all that fit. The music is great.
"It's a wrong situation", "And what the hell is that supposed to mean", - is a great hook line in itself.

I'll put music to my lame little 3 min example, spew, or maybe pick another movie Smile - you've-all inspired me. Well, if someone can make "happy birthday" a song, the harder the better, - possibly. "Rocky Horror", - it just does not have to make sense, so I lucked out there.