Acoustic Lo-Fi Exquisite Corpse 1 and 2!

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Someone's gotta start bringing out the corpses...

The exquisite corpse is a variation on the parlour game where participants each draw a part of a body on a folded piece of paper, and when the paper is unfolded, all are astounded and amused by the results.

So with this audio game-- the participants each do a part of the song. But here, to create (hopefully) a little more continuity, you are able to listen to the last 10s of the previous artist's work as a starting point for your own.

For this first corpse, I will gladly be the starter and the stitcher-- that is to say, when you complete your segment, pass the last 10s to the next person in the chain and give the full segment to me. I will then stitch the pieces together into the finished song. Each segment should be around 1 min in length, give or take.

The parameters for this corpse are: no more than 6 participants, all pieces are to be acoustic in orientation, and the production values are not key (hence lo-fi)

1) @metalfoot +stitcher - DONE, 10s to 2)
2) @nate.gerry - DONE
3) @lowhum -DONE
4) @JamKar- DONE
5) @AndyGetch - DONE
6) @cblack

Corpse #2:

1) @Mt.Mélodie + stitcher
2) @kahlo
3) @Zeekle
4) @ballyhoot
5) @dzd
6) @metalfoot

Always down for this!

The usual suspects! In, please!

Happy to join!

yes please

So, is there a time limit for each participant? Like, I'd get the previous 10 seconds, but how much time would I have? And do participants provide all the elements? Like, not "Here's a backing track to play to!" but rather, "Control all of this portion of the song!"?

I'll tentatively put my hand up for the last slot...

Count me IN please!!!

Bought my first uke yesterday and got no recording equipment except my phone before the 20 th, so I’m in for a second corpse can even start if needed

Any room left? Really enjoy these.

Looks like there’s enough interest for a second corpse , which I’d like to join as well. Thx!

@cblack -- we usually look for about 1min/segment. Some go longer, some go shorter. You control 100% of your segment and 0% of anyone else's. The idea behind the 10s chunk is to get some sense of continuity.

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I'll hop in that last spot for number 2!

Okay, cool.

I can stitch #2 btw

Did corpse get re-buried ?

Yeah. I hope to get mine started today.

Finished my piece and sent my 10 seconds to @lowhum!

Sorry, got a bit sidetracked by work and life. Will do my part tonight.

Stuff got send!

We are back rolling!

If someone drops out. Let me know. Happy to sub!

Ack! I completely forgot I signed up for this!

Umm... Fuck. I'll try to do something tomorrow...


@cblack received.

Sweet. Smile - the fruit of our labours! Corpse 1 is done!