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Bristol musician Laura Kidd, a.k.a. "Penfriend" just informed me me that the crazy people at Samsung have remastered that most legendary of movie sound effects for use with modern surround systems. You can download the results here:

Even if you don't know what the Wilhelm Scream is (I know @TomS does because he wrote a song about it a few years back) I can pretty much guarantee you've heard it, because it's been featured in upwards of 400 movies including Star Wars, Toy Story, Star Trek: First Contact, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Avengers: Infinity War.

If you use it, please tag your songs because I really want to hear them.

Oh heck yeah.
I'll get on it.

This is a tasty challenge. I love it!

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That's great! Will get some use for sure Wink

Perfect for me to play with. I'll take this one on, @headfirstonly I think I'll dust of Matilde Tracker in Buzz & do some old school Tracker music with this one Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

This is totally one for @Fuzzy, if ever a challenge were. Smile

Somehow I ended up doing a Drum & Bass tune. That's a first. Thanks for the inspiration @headfirstonly

Beware That Katana, Wilhelm

See You In The Shadows…

In case anyone is interested, I did an improvised vocal track consisting of many vocal sounds, and includes ‘death’ noises, that sound familiar from shows, games, before 5090 began. But now this may be another pursuit for me. I love this idea!

I’ll be practicing this scream in my car now ready for the return! :p

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Going to have to re-mix this one......I know where the scream is and can't fully hear it anymore it got squished and stretched so much Smile

Great challenge. First found out about the Wilhelm Scream a few years back. I can't believe I've not included it before, but I've now put that right!

This is mine -

It's also my entry for the current Songfight - - the title of which is appropriately "Please Scream Inside Your Heart".

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It's a game here when watching films to listen for the famous scream.
You don't have to listen too close to find it in my short attempt:

I did a quick silly thing with it:

This has one Wilhelm Scream. Does that count?

Sounds good! I'm likely gonna use the scream in a synth-metal track at some point.
It's a ten by ten. On the sixth section I sing over the Wilhelm Scream sampled and filtered to sound like synth and drums.
Here's mine. It is composed of all three variants of the Wilhelm Scream, set to a synth-metal backing.