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Yeah, totally know what you mean, guys. The ones that are left are the ones that are best! Smile

Well, today's show will be on in a few hours and it will be along the theme of MAGIC!
Next week the show will be along the theme of numbers, so if you are thinking of writing a song about numbers, now could be the perfect time.

Anyway, this week i'll be including songs from @Alex von Gestern, @musicsongwriter, @tjeff, @AndyGetch, @cts, @ustaknow, @ayeahmur, @dzd, @Dragondreams, @nerdjealous and @wacha. Not all of them are about magic, by the way, and next week probably not all the songs will be numerical, but you know.

anyway, midday on saturdays, then repeated at 8pm on sunday and 9pm on monday, British time, at www.spanishrockshot.com - tally ho!

Cheers @Calum Carlyle - listening right now!

Wow! Thanks again, @Calum Carlyle. It's always a privilege to be included in your show! Smile
I missed it today, but I'll catch the repeat tomorrow.

Awesome! I like the old-school aspect of listening while the thing is actually being "broadcast." The Sunday time is noon where I live, so I can be right there with you in real time

Terrific show. Loads of cracking music, and it was an honour to be included amongst it.

I keep missing your shows Calum. Thank you so much for including me and for what you are doing! I'll listen as soon as I can. Looking forward to it. Thank you for all your support!

Hahh! thank you @Calum Carlyle - what one did you use? Post a link for the archive so can have a listen. Thank you! Smile

Hi everyone! Okay, well i missed last week, but this Saturday, i'm back on track. I'll be playing songs by @headfirstonly, @Fuzzy, @MisterGee, @Roddy, @ustaknow, @cts, @katpiercemusic, @ZsuzsaDoe, @RalphCarl, @aneilm, @dzd, @Driftwood1, @doggolito, @marthienel, @nancyrost and @adamh.

As i said, it's midday on Saturday, repeated at 8pm on Sunday and 9pm on Monday, according to British time on www.spanishrockshot.com
The episodes can be heard from the following week onwards at www.spanishrockshot.com/podcastfilter/offbeat

the songs for this Saturday are a nice varied selection, but i am aware that the decreasing pool of active songwriters means i am playing the same songwriters over and again, but i'm not hugely fussed about it tbh. Tune in, and i hope you enjoy the show!

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Thanks again! and actually just listened to your most recently posted one last night. It was an excellent and widely diverse listen as always. I especially got a kick out of you pronouncing all of our messed up screen names haha.

Yes, thanks again too @Calum Carlyle -- I still gotta get over there and have a listen. To busy to hear my own stuff? Smile hahhh!

Show will be on in just under an hour! Smile

I'll be tuning in. Thanks, @Calum Carlyle!

@Calum Carlyle I missed the show, live, but, per the archive:
Hahhh, yes, after Jimi... I'm good with that. Nice flow. Yes, Jimi is a good warm up for my stuff to follow Smile

-- I really like hearing myself like that, Wink hahhh, thanks again.

Okay, this week i have ended up with a show that doesn't have any 5090 songs in it, i'm afraid, episode 66 (tomorrow at midday BST) will be all records, but i hope you will still tune in and enjoy the show. There are several reasons really, i have been a bit under the weather this week and didn't have time to do a lot of listening, and also i did end up with a ton of records to play which fit the theme (colours). I will be jamming in a quick @sapient track from FAWM though.

Next week, it'll be back to the 50/90 stuff though. And then the week after that i'm going to showcase a ton of stuff i found on my hard drive from FAWM 2013 (by all various songwriters) as well as some newly written 50/90 stuff. By then 50/90 will be finished, so hopefully you will have a bit more time for listening.

I still haven't uploaded episode 55 to the podcasts section (which does have a lot of 50/90 stuff on it) and that could happen in the next few days.

So that's my update, rock on!

I'll try @Calum Carlyle - but if miss the show will look at the archive. You are a good mixologist, segue-etter. Smile

RIGHT! This Saturday, episode 67 has another stack of 5090 stuff in it, so DO tune in, it is noon on Saturday, with the repeat at 8pm on Sunday and then again at 9pm on Monday according to British time (which i think is the same if you are in South African or Las Canarias, and maybe Portugal as well), but the rest of the world, CHECK! Or else you could listen to it next week on the podcast, and lose all the adrenalin of immediacy! Smile

It's on www.spanishrockshot.com and this Saturday i'll be playing songs by @Wackamoose, @johnstaples, @tjeff, @AlyssaPascal, @Purple Catfish Bro, @mike skliar, @splittybooms, @plainwhitetoast, @robertjames1971, @Vom Vorton, @IA, @marthienel, @AndyGetch and @ductapeguy.

The FOLLOWING weekend i'm doing a 50/90 special, where the whole show is going to be 50/90 stuff, past and present, so it should be a good one. I'm telling you about it now because i know that people often zip off back to their lives as soon as the 1st of October hits, so this is your warning to tie a knot in your hankie so you remember to tune in next Saturday as well!

Okay, for the 50/90 special episode, featuring songs from this year, and from the past, i will be playing songs from the following 50/90ers. This special will be on the weekend of the 10th of October. I'm telling you about it now though for a couple of reasons, firstly, so people will see this notification before the diaspora of songwriters begins, and they can set a reminder in an electronic device of their choice to tune in and listen to themselves and others, but also so i can check if these @ links all work or not. I already had trouble finding any profile for the Really Good Pot Roast, so if anybody here knows them, could you give them a shout please and let them know i'll be playing them next week? Thanks. There are one or two others as well. Did Desiree change her user name or something? Other than that, here are the 50/90ers i'll be showcasing NEXT week:

The Really Good Pot Roast (Mark Dabney and Robert Rubin), Desiree, Joshuwaa, @gerrybhoy, @tinam, @Trendall, @Edward Roussac, @coolparadiso, @Deaf Steever, @Calum Carlyle, @helen, @Johnny Cashpoint, @bitshred, @plainwhitetoast, @bunter, @kahlo2013, @Jerry Pettit, @headfirstonly, @Chip Withrow, @Roel van Veldt, @doglatin, @life without budgies, @Elesimo, @standup, @pfoo, @nancyrost, @izaak, @Vom Vorton, @Rob From Amersfoort, @Steffan, @TomS, @Kurtis Kanttila, @bigmart, @fresh spotless youth and @downburst

And that goes for anybody else too, if you notice somebody there that you know isn't paying attention to the site here just now, please do give them a shout and let them know they've been selected for this exclusive opportunity to be played on a tiny internet radio station!

Thanks, you're all stars! Smile

Okay SO THEN after that, on the weekend of the 17th, it'll be episode 69, which will be a very special episode of a different sort. No 50/90 stuff planned for that, though i have got one or two songs from FAWM lined up for it.

THEN Episode 70, which will be on the weekend of the 24th of October, that will be a ROCKTOBER special, which i think is just going to be an hour and a half of whatever you guys come up with during Rocktober, a whole show full of homemade covers and the like.

So TIE A KNOT in those hankies, tell everybody you know, and tune in to www.spanishrockshot.com every weekend! Smile

Hey I appreciate the play, doc. Thank you.

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That's a heck of a lineup!!! I will try to catch it, should be a great show, and again, thanks for doing all these!!

Starting the show in about ten minutes...

Ah, that was over three hours ago... welp, thank God for the Archives! Smile

[headfirst... on his channel, it's gotta auto send to all (subscribers) when he logs in..., -- time diffs being what they are, still relegated to archives, but don't know if your channel has that?... I'm gonna look! Still, that would have been around 6 am on a Saturday moring and I'd've just been walking in the door from my night out... so.... (kidding, kidding... -- getting up for coffee #01 actually.)

That is an intersting idea, right enough, a notification for subscribers. Thanks for the suggestion!

Last weekend's show is now up on the podcast section, though it doesn't go up straight away once the show has aired, it is there now:


I forgot to pre announce but I'm about half way through the 5090 extravaganza episode of Offbeat, it is repeated tomorrow and Monday though, and will become a podcast shortly after that.

@Calum Carlyle

I appreciate you giving notice, -- and then can look for the Archive and let it play if miss it due to timing, etc.

@Calum Carlyle thank you for including me in your SRS radio program!

Offbeat 68 is pretty damned awesome! It's great to hear some longtime fawmers who didn't put in much of an appearance this summer: gerrybhoy, tinam, downburst, Izaak, etc. It made me nostalgic for sure

And a lovely one from Bitshred. And, damn!...those Big Mart/Tinam productions were epic!!

Yes, i haven't got a lot of downloaded 5090 stuff actually, from over he years, but i found a stash of good ones from 2013.
So, episode 68 is now up in the podcasts section, episode 69 next saturday is all records, but you should check in anyway since it will be a very fun one, and then the following saturday (24 Oct) i'll be doing a Rocktober special, so don't put up a rocktober gem and then disappear form the site because i'll be tagging the responsible musicians in here once i know what i'll be playing on the show. There are already so many cool ocvers though i'm thinking of spilling it over to episode 71 (which was going to be the Halloween episode) too!

@Calum Carlyle thank you for including one of my songs on your show. I appreciate that!

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That episode 68 was a really excellent one, was a lot of songs even from this year that were amazing that I didn't catch, and was just doing fawm alone in 2013 so I hadn't heard any of those from that year before. Great show, as they've all been that I've caught so far.

Okay, so 69 is now up as a podcast, and 70 is tomorrow (Saturday), and it's the Rocktober episode! I will still be playing some 50/90 and Rocktober stuff each week till probably the end of the year, so do keep listening even when we have all moseyed off our separate ways.

For the Rocktober episode this weekend, though, i'll be playing @billwhite51, @cleanshoes, @lowhum, @Fuzzy, @sapient, @Johnny Cashpoint, @ayeahmur, @JūS, @nancyrost, @metalfoot, @Edward Roussac, @Kurtis Kanttila, @JamKar, @dzd, @ampersandman, @phylo, @Roddy, @ustaknow and @sph! Sorry if you did a song and i didn't include you, i couldn't listen to everything and it was just a selection from the stuff i did listen to, really. Anyway, hope you enjoy the show when you hear it!

Thanks, Calum! Will try to tune in this weekend.

@Calum Carlyle I can't wait to see which one you picked! Smile hahhh, -- thank you!

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@Calum Carlyle I missed the rocktober one live(I think, too lazy to do time conversions) hah! but I did listen to the previous one 69 that had no 50/90 tunes and was another excellent one! Even if I had heard the tunes I sure hadn't heard a lot of the versions you had, was some good stuff throughout

Actually looked it's in the re-airing now. So going to catch the end of it at least.

Indeed, it is! I just tuned in.

Edit: dang, @Calum Carlyle, that ol’ Beefheart cover! That was amazing.

Okay, the rocktober episode is up as a podcast now:

Also, i will be sticking in a few 50/90 and rocktober tracks next week, from @ustaknow, @Steffan, @dzd, @sapient and @ductapeguy, and as i say i will keep doing that probably for at least the rest of the year, maybe even up to the start of FAWM so do keep tuning in, glad you are enjoying the shows! I have the next couple of weeks planned out already but i am very aware there is a whole week of rocktober that hadn't happened yet when i did the show last week, so i am keen to do another rocktober one sometime soon, so that's another reason to keep listening.

Thanks for the nice words about that beefheart cover, JuS, that was in the days before i was a dad and i could take as long as i liked and make as much noise as i wanted!

@Calum Carlyle - most excellent Smile -- yes, keep going if able, and working for you. It takes a while to build a "habbit", (viewing, doing a new online sight, etc.).

I had to "learn", so to speak, the navigation and how done, stuff there, -- not that it's complicated, just not sure what was what, where, how and why Smile -- probably just me; I'm not very technical Wink hahhh.

Just starting the halloween show now! Smile

@ustaknow you might find it easier using a radio app, such as simple radio:

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.streema.simpleradio

Then you can search for Spanish rock shot, add it to your favourites, press play, and that's it!

Hey @Calum Carlyle -- thank you very much for that. What's your recommendation for an iPhone, like 8 version?

Also, I gotta say, you're a great DJ... and great sense of humor. I love the "local" news and etc.

I "think" I subscribed, -- will have to go back and translate the page to see fo sure. Smile Which makes me ask... why is it called "Spanish Shot" Radio and in English and in the UK? what'deyemiss? Smile

Appologies if "obvious" and I just should get that. It occurred to me when went to the "subscribe" page. (My Browser usually translates but didn't this time.) ... anyway, and all not English and that message "about the show".

Well, if you have time to explain, -- otherwise, skip it, hahhh. I just wondered.

-- Well, one last question... and ask since one local station in my region does both... -- you broadcasting on a local frequency as well? These folks broad cast digital, analog and stream (got a few digital subdivisions when that came out so could "specialise" broadcast to niche markets). So, not important but inquiring minds want to know, or mine does Smile

Anyway, happy Fall!!

Yes, the station is run in Edinburgh by a Spanish writer, who has lived in Scotland nearly half of his life. There are several other programmes on the show, which are all in Spanish (though i think there was one Russian language show on for a while), so mine is the only show in English on the station actually. For example you should check out the show before mine, Rocola Violeta, which is in Spanish, though she does sometimes play English language records. So the concept of the station is to be bilingual in Spanish and English, and to answer your other question, no it is literally very small scale, and only streaming through the website at present, though it is searchable in many radio apps as well.

So, tie a knot in your hankies, one and all. i know rocktober is officially a week behind us, but who doesn't need a weekly injection of music to brighten hese uncertain times? Tune into Offbeat and give your ears a treat, tomorrow (Saturday) at noon (GMT), or catch the podcast... speaking of which, last week's episode is up in the podcasts section just now.

Next week i'll do another Rocktober episode of the show, but it occurs to me that will probably be after a lot of people have drifted away for the year from the site, so i'm mentioning that now. The 21 November Offbeat show will have a load of rocktober, and probably a few 5090 tracks on as well, though i haven't finalised my list yet. Smile

In the meantime you can find back episodes of Offbeat as well as Rocola Violeta in the podcast section of the SRS website: https://www.spanishrockshot.com/podcasts/

Thanks for writing and recording all this music, though really everyone, it has, like every previous year, been far too much music to genuinely listen to and give a fair shake of the stick at, but i have enjoyed a lot of what i did listen to.

A+ and thanks for that, -- very glad I asked ( Smile someone asked!? Smile hahhh!)

Thanks for doing the show & promoting FAWM/50-90/Rocktober, Callum! I've enjoyed the episodes I've heard so far.

See You In The Shadows…

Hey there rockers! I'd love to know if there's anybody still here! I hope you had a very good rocktober, i'll be playing more songs from Rocktober on the show this week on episode 73, and probably the occasional one after that every now and again on the show, as i listen through the various 5090 and rocktober stuff. Honestly i do play stuff from this community perennially, it has a permanent place in my listening portfolio really.

So this Saturday (14 Nov) at midday, i'll be playing cover songs from @owl, @Rick Amorphis, @ampersandman, @cleanshoes, @lowhum, @LHCisco, @Vom Vorton, @sapient and @rwc as well as some records, both originals and covers. I hope you can join me, and i hope you will tie a knot in your hankie to keep tuning in each week on www.spanishrockshot.com because i will stop putting my weekly blah in here after this i think, until FAWM starts next year again anyway.

Take care of yourselves in Musicland, and don't drift away too far! Smile

@Calum Carlyle I'm still here.

I actually don't believe it's over, and everyone is just kidding..., so, expecting a big yell, -- "surprise!"... and a bunch of new recorded stuff will show up. So..., well..., we'll sea...

Looks like a FAWM all-star group this week

Still here, catching up on some of the things I missed over the summer. Thanks for the feature!