"503 Service Unavailable" Challenge

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There's no better way to commemorate The Great 50/90 Forum Outage of 2021 than to write a song about it!

How did you survive these hours of disrupted interaction? What great lengths did you go to to keep communicating with fellow 50/90ers? Who angered the webhosting gods and what sacrifice was deemed suitable to appease their rage? Turn that technological torment into tunes!

Tag your song with #503challenge and post it here!

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When this happened a few years ago I wrote a jug band tune called "The Server Error Blues".

Here is mine based on the idea of no service. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/49758

Here's mine. I looked at it from the other side - the perspective of an IT person who has to fix it!

Hey, even the Facebook network of companies can go 503 sometimes! Biggrin