4 TRACKS 1 TAPE – Collaborative Videos!

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Hi folks! I think there's still a few folks hanging around here...

In case you hadn't seen on FAWM social media, last year some of us "4-trackers" documented our 2021 collabs and I edited them together into some short "documentary" videos. The first video is up already, and the other two will be launching on Saturdays (Jan 8, 15) leading up to the FAWM 2022 site launch on Jan 15 (assuming I get my act together by then)...

You can watch them here!

It was really fun to watch. Excited to see the rest, putting names to faces, each musician’s process, studio, etc.

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So cool to watch. I was ultra geeked out because I actually hung out at Patti and Eric’s place and recorded a song with them. I love this community.

Very cool! I really liked seeing how everyone worked it out.

Awesome! Also good to put some faces to names. Smile