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I guess somebody needs to bring this up.

Do you have a 4-track cassette recorder in a closet somewhere? Get it down, dust it off, and let’s build some songs.

The way this works is
1] somebody records something, anything, on one track of a cassette tape using a 4-track recorder.
2] post in this thread that you’ve got something ready to go
3] someone will volunteer to add the next track, and sends you their mailing address
4] drop your cassette in the mail to that noble volunteer
5] when they get the cassette, they record something on another track
6] then it gets mailed again to someone else who adds a track
7] then the fourth person adds a track, mixes the finished song, and posts it on 50/90, listing all the collaborators.


Since we have three months in 50/90 it’s actually far more ideal than doing this in FAWM.

Answer on this thread if you want to join in.

I will (nobly) volunteer.

I'll start a tape this week, and I'd like to be on more tapes. Smile

I am equipped and ready if people are willing to get involved with transatlantic post, I know our local post has been slow as hell during lockdown so I'm not sure what the score is with long-distance. But I'm up for starting a tape and finding out!

God damn, I've always wanted to get involved in this but sadly do not own a 4 track cassette recorder. Maybe I shall peruse the murky depths of ebay to see what comes up.

@see-man-ski, let us know if you come up with anything.

@pfoo and I should start a tape or two this weekend maybe. Since it's a small crowd right now... @nancyrost, @Elesimo, @Vom Vorton

if you were to get a tape from us, what would each of you like to hear on it? Since we're a small crowd, we can customize these tapes if we want.

> if you were to get a tape from us, what would each of you like to hear on it? Since we're a small crowd, we can customize these tapes if we want.

I like the element of surprise, actually, so no preferences. Smile

Surprise is always a strong element in these collabs, for sure!

Surprise is always fun, but if you're wanting help narrowing it down, I'd say new instruments or new combinations of instruments.

Just dug out my four-track and can customize as well - let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like from me for a starter.

Also thought I'd see if any past participants were interested and maybe just didn't see this thread yet. @cts, [@stevenwesleyguiles] [@wobbiewobbit] - will add to this list as I see who's doing 5090 this year.

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Aaaaaaand up from the depths of the sea, here I am! I'm in! Thanks @nancyrost

Tape 1 has a track recorded and is in transit to @Elesimo!

Yeaaaah! Thanks, @nancyrost!

I recorded piano on top of @nancyrost's bass. Who's up for track 3?

@cts? We are still planning to start a tape or two but somehow have not made the time for it

I got my four-track out and put a tape in it and EVERYTHING but have not yet recorded a single note. Feel like I'm probably better off just trying to record some songs on my own though unless there are any other UK four-trackers who haven't made themselves known this summer.

OK! We have something started. @pfoo on electric 4-string tenor guitar, me on acoustic travel guitar tuned open/Nashville-ish. Trying to do non-standard non-comfortable instruments.

I'll drop it in the mail to Nancy tomorrow.

Well, it's not going out today because we're re-doing it. It has been a long time, it seems, and we forgot to put a click track on it. It needs it.

I've started a third tape, with a bouncy keyboard track. Who would like it next?

Wow, this is such a small group this year. Probably needs to visit our house to get enough folks on it. But either @Elesimo or @cts (or both) to round it out.

Okay, Tape 3 went off to DC this morning.

And tape 1 went to @cts today!

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Cool - I'll be on the lookout for it. From what I recall you said I will be recording on track 3, correct?

@cts right, @nancyrost recorded bass and I added piano. Tracking info says it's currently in your mailbox. Smile

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Ok - it’s pouring down something fierce at the moment but I’ll check the mailbox later today. Who gets it after me?

@cts - send it to standup/pfoo. Everyone else is already on it!

Tape 3 arrived in DC today. Tape 4 is on its way to Nancy (not marked, but I think it's Tape 4. )

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As mentioned earlier, the goods arrived at my mailbox today.

I just got a tape from DC. I think it's tape 2, unless there was one that elesimo started. Here's what I have down:

Tape 1:
nancyrost - bass
elesimo - piano
cts <--

Tape 2
pfoo - tenor guitar
standup - mini guitar
nancyrost - alto recorder >

Tape 3
nancyrost - keyboard ->

Okay, Tape 2 now has alto recorder. @cts @Elesimo which of you wants to finish this one?

@nancyrost I'm up for it, I can add vocals.

Great, @Elesimo, I'll get this one out to you today or tomorrow.

Tape 2 is headed to San Francisco.

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Hey @nancyrost - there looks to be some recording on track 4 of tape 1. Should I just ignore that?

@cts that's me counting off the click track - you should ignore it and the fourth person should just tape over it.

I need to say I really liked the click track on this one, @nancyrost! Biggrin

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Does that mean a song will spring forth from it, @Elesimo

I thought it was cute, instead of the boring click track we have Nancy saying "one", "two", "three", "four"... it was a nice surprise. Smile

But yeah, I sampled it — I always record all tracks before mailing the tape in case it gets lost —, maybe I should use it for a song!

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Uh, folks - I have some unfortunate news to report: my four track is on the fritz. Not sure what happened but I can't get a signal from my Yamaha to the actual recorder. A sound comes in and out and it's very low. I played with a variety of connections but it's just not happening. I tried going through my interface but I keep getting high peak levels. This is frustrating. I'll keep tinkering but I thought I'd give a heads up.

There's still plenty of time in 50/90, so no rush. If need be, though, you could get the tracks digitally from Elesimo and finish it that way.

I received Tape 2 today, working on it. On my 4-track it's a full semi-tone lower (Cm is actually Bm), crazy! Smile

I just finished recording my part on tape sent by Nancy. Handing over to Eric.

I've totally forgotten what I sent you guys, so that'll be fun!

We have a cassette with 3 tracks ready for the last track and mix. Who can take it? So far it has a keyboard part, a Mellotron part, and a vocal.

@Elesimo , can you? I think cts is having technical issues.

@standup, I can take it. But I have a new address.

I'm finishing tape 2 this weekend, BTW, took me some time to setup the studio again.

Fantastic! We finished something!