30GB of Free Sound Effects

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I just found this. Pretty amazing swath of SFX available to use in any sort of project.


See You In The Shadows…

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Man, there is A LOT of effects available at this site. It's a complete overload...seriously.

Yeah, but one of those 8 packs would probably do for just about anything you might need.

See You In The Shadows…

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I have them all and they come useful occasionally. Definitely not everything I need though. But still, a good start for a movie or game or something.

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Yeah that is an overload hahah.....thanks though! I'm sure will come in handy sometime, great site!

I mean do I really need a sample of someone putting the lid back on some pringles? absolutely not, but do I want one, yes! Biggrin

and good thing those crackers were healthy....unhealthy cracker packaging makes an entirely different noise hahah

very cool @candle thanks for the heads up