2-Hour Song Skirmish on Sat., July 11??

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If there’s enough interest - and if it doesn’t conflict with an already-planned skirmish - I’ll host a skirmish on July 11, at 10am EDT (New York), 3pm BST (London), 7am PDT (Los Angeles). In keeping with the relatively relaxed pace of 50/90, I’m thinking of having a 2-hour turnaround time instead of just one hour.

What say you? Anyone up for this?

Great idea. Count me in!

I'm INTERESTED! As long as I ain't on some sleep binge during that time Biggrin

Ahhh, I'd love to but that is 9am on a Saturday and I cannot remember the last time I was coherent at that hour/day!

I'd love to suggest a superskirmish for that weekend that wraps around your skirmish but not sure how that would be received! Biggrin

My wife might be out of town that weekend so a superskirmish would be cool. Otherwise I'll try to participate in any other skirmishes there happen to be.

@johnstaples You know I'm up for a super! Hah! First time I ever got the brackets right on the first try. Gonna be a good Summer.

@johnstaples I’m not gonna touch that one! Biggrin