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Shortly after FAWM ended and quarantine orders were being put in place, @tcelliott suggested a 100 songs in 180 days challenge. This challenge started April 4th and goes through September 30th, so it overlaps with 50/90. If you're itching for a challenge in these few more days until the 4th, come join us in the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1338432256355382/


Yeah 83 days in, and for me 41 songs, and counting. (EDIT: was at 50 songs the 90 days prior to July 4, the opening of 50/90 song posting)

Yes, what a great group! After I hit 50 I took a break from writing, but I still listen and comment. And I'll keep popping in there after 50/90 starts, too.

I never intended to write 100, not even 50, I just find it amazing to be able to participate and to hear so many great songs, read fantastic lyrics. Everyone has been an inspiration! I created 27 instrumentals and 1 lyric so far. One of my instrumentals I made in 2 versions but didn't count both. Counts are not really important for me anyway, I just love the opportunity to create something I otherwise wouldn't have. Can't wait for 50/90 to start.

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Darn, I deleted my facebook account a few years back. Might have been interesting. Of course, I can still do it but... it's just not the same.

I started, then fell over. Too many other disasters running!
But I got a couple written! So that is infinitely better than zero!

I've written a quite a few but didn't post most of them. I have a list somewhere so I can keep track...

This FB group is lovely! There have been some terrific songs and lyrics posted. I’ve written and posted exactly ONE song so far, and I may post one more before 50/90 kicks off. Not exactly a blistering pace! But I’ve enjoyed dropping in from time to time to listen/read.

Working diligently on 100/180 , so not as much 50/90 this time.

i did about 50 early on - but decided to have a break to come back fresh for 50/90 plus been working on a podcast and an album

Considering how many years I hit 100 songs just doing 50/90, I've gone ahead and signed up in the Facebook group.

I am part of 100/180 but it looks like the 100 will have to largely happen in the final 90!

Eeek, I can't believe I missed that. Sad At least I get to do this part of it.

That's great. Just wish I'd heard about it!

@squeakmouse73 @tunecat the idea hatched in the FAWM forums a few weeks after FAWM ended. The 100/180 challenge started April 4th to have a place to share songs (in a Facebook group) in the first months of the pandemic and prior to 50/90 song posting opening. As I recall, since July 4th the new songs in the Facebook group have also been posted here in 50/90.