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I have not yet seen a 10 x 10 thread, so am starting one for anyone who wants to post a song made up of 10 short 10 second songs.

Here is a set of quirky ones that Val and I did today. Not quite a 10x10 technically as some trail on beyond 10 seconds but they are all close enough!


I've never done one of these but I've always been interested.
Maybe this year.

@Fuzzy yes!!

Yes deffo interested in trying this one - it'll stirr around until it comes out when it's ready, in the recesses of my mind Smile

Great idea. I've got three one-minute songs so far Smile

Good stuff, - liked your sample.

Here’s a 10x10 collaboration with @wacha on the theme of not being perfect - a theme that is easy for me to relate to!


I've abandoned probably 10 demos since July 4th because I either didn't have lyrics or didn't know where they were going.

I think I can write lyrics for 10 second songs, though. Smile


I did 8 weekly challenges and two others including this! It's a weird one.

@kahlo2013 what a great idea this is. I really enjoyed putting my 10 short songs together and will probably extend them later. The related theme is about the pandemic. It's strange but I couldn't find a way to right a 'normal' song about the virus but have the 10 second limit made it really easy. I called the whole thing 'Ten short tales from a long pandemic'. Not too cheerful but the songs are fairly positive.
Here's the link. http://files.fawmers.org/5090_2020/roddy/Ten%20short%20tales%20from%20a%20long%20pandemic.mp3

Just posted my contribution to the 10x10 challenge, "Ten Short Songs For Your Personal Enjoyment"
I don't know why I've never done this before!
It was fun!

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Yeah this is one I've seen at fawm, just never done! I started to do one last night and realized I was stringing things together and actually coming up with a somewhat cohesive thought, but I might like it better in it's 10s snippet form hahah. Still need to do the last 5, so who knows it might go completely off the rails haha.

You've all got me inspired! Here's mine:


here I am and i'm going to listen to all submitted so far:

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Was too much fun, should have at least one more, maybe two Smile


this could be a good exercise to get the creativity going again...
so that means I need to do like 37 more of these lol...sigh.

Had to do an autobiographical one.


These 10 x 10 pieces are all great. I love the different ways everyone has approached the challenge and how after a listen you end up wondering what happens next.
It's getting a little addictive I keep making up snatches of words and music. Here's my second one all based on poetry - an unusual step for me. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/44723

@metalfoot and I wrote a Mass setting in the form of a 10x10: Mass in Two Minutes. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/44740

Okay... this is my last 10x10 I think ... this was also for the skirmish prompt today which was Conversation ... so it seemed appropriate to get my wife to have a few conversations with me