New Stephen Wordsmith FAWM/5090 collab compilation - Twentytwentysomthing

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Twentytwentysomething /ˈtw̥ɛ̃ntitw̥ɛ̃ntisɐmθɪŋ/, n:

1. The current year in this brave new decade, in which the human race took on a bowl of soup and lost, leading time to take a holiday and rendering all temporal laws meaningless.

2. Someone of no certain age, whose life experiences are characterised by caution, uncertainty, social distance, reusable masks, and Microsoft Teams.

3. The long-awaited sixth compilation album by Stephen Wordsmith. It's free, and always will be. Please listen at your leisure.

Featuring songs about things both topical and timeless, from the nature of beginnings and inspiration, to the dilemma of sleep and wakefulness, to the rosying glow of the past and the growing dark of the present. And things falling in your eye from skyscrapers, there's also that.

Much like the Pfizer rollout, this album is a global effort, spanning the continents, and featuring artists from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, South Africa and Peru.

A big thank you to my contributors and collaborators. Without you, this would just be a notepad file that rhymed more than usual.

Listened to the lot. Excellent ear candy.

It was great. Excited for the next one.

Thank you both for checking it out Smile