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Has anyone had a chance to look at this software? On first look it looks a bit ropey, they definitely need to employ a few UX designers.

When you dig in it is actually enormously powerful and the UI gets in the way rather then helps.

Worth checking out although I don't think there is an evaluation version.

Very useful for seeding ideas

I'm still running the 2020 (Mac) version and probably will for some time.

Yes, the UI is horrifying...and most of the features that have been added over the years are a grab bag of unrelated things.

OTOH, I love the core functionality for producing backing tracks.
I've used BIAB on pretty much every computer I've owned and, for no good reason whatsoever, still have the first distribution that I bought.
(Band-in-a-Box version 4 for IBM PCs, complete with its **23 page** version 3 manual.)

I should note one really useful change is that newer versions can run as DAW plugins.
That has improved workflow by allowing drag and drop of MIDI (or audio) onto DAW tracks instead of file export/import.

BIAB is something I would like to get, when they put the full version on sale at like $50 Wink

I've used BIAB for several years and do have the 2021 version. I've never seen the full version on sale of $50.00 and I wouldn't recommend the basic version as it's very limited. I bought a lesser version at first, but found the BIAB Ultra Pak was the best and worth it.

The DAW plugin sounds interesting… BIAB is one of the first tools I tried but I strongly disliked the interface. Confusing - sounds didn't sound realistic. I applaud those who can master it. Smile Best for those who actually work out the chords and not by ear.

Yeah! sometimes the chords do sound sour, but they have worked on that and it's better now. Still for me it's easier than being in a band, although I'm hoping to someday learn all the looping and beat things you do.