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Hello all Scots and people living in Scotland. Have a good 50/90. No travelling for me in this virus year. I'll be staying in Perth and playing the ukulele which is not a bad situation to be in at all.

I'm back, hiding in plain sight, on the Glasgow/South Lanarkshire border. Good luck to all Jock Tamson's bairns in their 50 90 quest.

Coincidentally @Roddy I was in Perth yesterday, South Methuen Street, getting one of your bookmakers ready for opening. Nice city.

Greetings. I'm in Musselburgh, a few hundred yards from the mouth of the river Esk. Perth was the last place I visited before lockdown - was at the King Creosote concert on 11 March.

Greetings from sunny Leith! I don't think i will have much time for new songs this year, we are both working from home and have a seven year old child, so it is pretty busy during the lockdown, but you never know. Nice to see some Scottish representation!

Hello! I'll be writing in the south of Edinburgh. Good luck to all!