Feeling the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

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I specialize in improvised acapella. You would think I'd be immune to GAS.

This year I've purchased four things for music making fun. Four!

The lavalier mic makes the most sense, as I do like to sing everywhere. It can plug in to my phone or my Zoom H1, and creates less accidental noise than I get from handling the H1.

I have a MIDI keyboard/controller arriving _today_. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088FNFLF7 -- I'm super excited about playing with it later today.

Then I have two Kickstarter projects that I've backed:

The Orba would have been here in time for 50/90, but was delayed: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artiphon/orba-by-artiphon-an-instrument-designed-for-your-hands

Then I'm also getting a wireless audio noise reducer: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/117828565/audiowow-the-worlds-first-wireless-audio-booster-and-... (Will it be useful or will I regret it? I won't know for sure until it arrives.)

How about other folks? Have you bought any cool equipment this year?

My seven-year-old, first-generation Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 keeps crapping out on me, and the latest drivers have added loads of latency. Wasn't planning on succumbing to any more GAS this year, but it looks like I don't have much of a choice in the matter...

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Heh, I'm still rocking my 10yo Lexicon Alpha. Didn't think it would be this stellar when I bought it, but works like a charm. Luckily, they never update this thing. Biggrin

I'm really not looking forward to any new gear. More like looking to get rid of old stuff. What's the acronym for that?

New software synths tho... could definitely get a few, but they're so expensive!

every other day it seems i'm browsing guitars online, but haven't pulled the trigger on anything recently.

did buy 'bitspeek' VST from Sonic Charge, oh and they 'talked me into' getting their drum machine VSTI ('microtonal') before closing the purchase.

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I find something I feel like I just have to have about every day Smile I've actually thinned out my pedal herd and a few small amps though recently(quite proud of myself) even though I did buy a new delay immediately Smile

I've most recently bought a kit telecaster......had all the hardware from an older one that had been pretty well seen its last days, pups and bridge and etc, still good to go, and was missing the neck(who knows where that went)....I've got perpetual GAS, i tell myself it's better than a bad drug addiction, but is it really? hah!

I feel that new stuff disturbes the creativity, because I have to learn new features that disturbes my focus. Also I'm not sure if my other bandmembers need a new pedal to solve a problem that wasn't there but generating new problems. New stuff needs time to integrate and can be a benefit in the long run though.
I sold a lot of GAS-items to buy a new 8 channel interface and vocal mic, just before corona lock down. That was pure luck.

@headfirstonly - Chris, no way that counts as GAS. That's a vital replacement of essential equipment Smile

I bought a Strymon Iridium for my birthday in March. It's great for DI recording guitar but it's also triggered an interest (aka GAS) for fx pedals whereas I previously had none! What with lockdown too, I've bought about 10 pedals Sad

Don't know if it falls within the timeframe, but I bought a student cello last December and used it mostly for fills on a few FAWM songs. Since then I haven't practiced much since but am planning for a 50/90 reappearance. One thing I did buy recently was a new cable modem/router (for a change in ISP) so my song upload speed is about 15x faster compared to before, and livestreaming is now feasible. Also with more time at home I am decluttering and finding forgotten things like wooden spoons, an actual cowbell, etc.

I bought a couple guitar pedals during the lock down, a lot of musicians in Norway sold some gear to get some money in these uncertain times, so managed to score some nice boutique stuff for cheap.
Also bought several dictaphones in the hope of playing off some old tapes I found after my late father, took a couple of tries to find the right type and one that actually worked. Plan to use them for some lo-fi effects/sampling.
After buying a lot of new software last year, mostly on sale, I now thankfully only have a short list left of VSTs I still plan to buy, but I'm not in a rush so I'll wait for sales and such.