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The 50/90 site is obviously different to the FAWM site, and that's fine. Just wondering, though, if there's a "feed" link? Like, on FAWM I was able to see all the songs by those on my watchlist, as well as all my own soundboard comments and forum mentions, AND comments on MY songs, all on the same page. Can't remember what it was called, but it was super useful to me. So... Anything like that on 50/90?

Thanks in advance. Smile

There is an RSS feed. It's tucked away on the Fifty/Ninety home page (just click on the orange RSS icon underneath "recent forum discussions". )

Hmm. I clicked the orange button, but only got coded text. Is that RSS? (No clue!) I'd rather click through to a bunch of different pages that are easier to read, to be honest. Thanks!

@cblack Yep, that's right. RSS works by someone on the website (hi Eric!) creating an XML document to provide updates. What you're looking for is a program that acts as an "aggregator." This will check the version of the feed file each time it's run, notice that it's been updated, and typically display a notification to you that something new has appeared. I provide a very basic RSS feed to my blog, and I update it by hand. No doubt there are simpler ways of doing things, but I'm resolutely old-school (and ornery).

I use the Mozilla Thunderbird email program as my aggregator. It's free, and it works well. All you do is navigate to its RSS Feed section, click "Add", and paste the URL that the little orange icon points to. Easy - and really, *really* useful.

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I've updated the thread title in case any other RSS users are interested...

Oh, and if you're looking for a free, standalone aggregator, might I recommend Feedly?

Ah. Sounds like checking a bunch of different pages will actually be easier. Thanks!

Hey @cblack - Have you checked out the Watchlist Songs page in the left menu? It gives a list of songs by people on your watchlist and should note which ones you've commented on. There's also My Activity that lists the forum posts and songs that you've commented on.

Hope it's helpful.

Oooh, Watchlist Songs will be very useful indeed. Thanks!