Is it talent, or is it interest?

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Is it talent or is it interest; or, is talent, simply, interest?

I've met folks I have handed an instrument, and, just played and well,
- but had no interest, at all.

- Can't play, have/show talent, if have no interest?

I meant to respond yesterday - been looking forward to a new thread.
Reminds me of how some parents - including some I know - insist that their kids try all kinds of activities, including ones the kids seem to have no interest in, or out-and-out resist. Kids' sports teams, school plays, bands, etc. always have a few who just don't want to be there.
And sometimes those kids can be quite good, but unhappy - especially at the high school level. Doing it for their parents instead of themselves.
When our daughter was five or so, she told us she wanted to take violin. She kept at it for several years, and developed a sort of technical proficiency, but getting her to practice was a struggle. She gave it up in favor of voice lessons and theater - much more suited to her vibrant demeanor.

Nora Jones did an interview where she explained when she started Piano, and then wanted to quit, her Mom said no, not until [n-time] and of course complied as that would go.

When Dan asked her about her "Sound", she explained, Smile well, I'm not that fast due to not engaging what was offered to me in those lessons and so I play slower, tunes, (or similar words in meaning here, - see the interview, Dan Rather - preview.)

Cause and effect/affect, - could be good, could be bad. I stand by my push back that Status Quo is for learning well, -- and then? So, as I hear Nora, "oh well", and so her "less than competent status quo technique", - worked out quite well for her. Smile She certainly was, is competent enough to then collaborate in various other genre. [I still think of the day a Julliard (Jewely-yard?) Graduate was writing furiously when I was explaining something to her 16 yo Autistic Son about guitar. I asked her, why? The answer blew my mind, and, how I am Wink Smile ]

Some folks, it seems, qualify talent, interest?, as, - # of followers, and other *related, et alia. -- Not a good standard, imo.

It is a cheesy FaceBook -ism that serves the most carnal nature of "talent", interest, and vanity in the worst way. -- It accomplishes nothing. It actually, (if one really belongs to 500 Song Writing Forums?, and has 750 "Friends"), keeps one from life, work, family, - reality (actually making "real" music with live instruments, and "people"?) Fool

What qualitative/quantitative data, "science" may I have ? Wink Smile Fool ? Well, look at FAWM, 5090 and just that -- alone. What is prima facia about it? Agree or not, - if you are here, you kinda do Smile hahhh! (or, would not be here; many are not, nor stay, nor return!).

You've got folks, regardless of the MANY other forums/platforms/on-ramps, et alia, they come back "here", why?; - and worst yet, try to do the same, - "here" (from the other place not like "here", why?).

-- However, Smile fortunately it fails, - at the moment of Erasure of the Sight Smile God Bless the folks that stand by that paradigm. It is the tipping point along with a few other elements.

Possibly related, see if you agree?:
-- I was watching an interview with Daryl Hall.

He engaged this following concept of what "things are", now, as he sees them, - how and why and what anyone may do about it ( - preview). (Also, look him "up", - interesting work history.)

My take away, engaging the OP thesis, interest/talent, goes something like this, but not in whole, - this being a forum and not a "book" how much can it actually address in total... :

To whatever effect/affect it may have and self-determined, - "this" here is everyone's Tribe (as Daryl comments in brief).
- Like it or not. (or anyone person, or clique here Fool )

Moreover, noticed as I did/do or not, this 2021 FAWM, - when "Dad" cracked down at FAWM this year Smile and said,
- this is getting locked down if you kids don't behave, - it got that much better (didn't it Smile ). No one person's "feelings" mattered more than any others, - magic how that can happen when the selfish nature is authentically
suppressed in order to keep the important part of this, -- the music.
(At the Tribes, Base, "here", - not a satellite forum branch, of which there are many and many behave badly "there" (?); again, but not "here".)

The only thing, this is about, is the music, no virtue signalling, no krappolla-krappolla, not *personal preferences, no *personal ideologies, just -- the music. (Personal in the, way of TMI and I don't need to know or care about stuff..., so to speak. If I have a wart on my ashe, does the tribe really need to know about it, and with photos, etcetera? Or, to constantly here, YOUR opinion, over and over and over and over... o m g... Keep that on the "other" Blog site, in what country and following again, there?) Anyway... Fool

So, seeing the "important" part, get *applied (self inflicted/mandated - discipline and music only), by all these past few weeks shows, -- "this" is everyone's Tribe, like it or not. Why go back to the other (Facebook-ism's "here"), and hold it *back, destroy it, make it "Facebook", here, -- versus facilitating it forward as-is. But, folks seem to try, every year, but, the "new gentry", they get Erased. Yeah! They have to try hard to pull ALL the other back here, again, every year.

-- Why no just see what happens "here", in context "here", and use that from "here", -- *There? (elsewhere). New information, in new context, refreshed yearly with/from/by -- new people.

Hmmm... well, you don't have a choice, do you, - and you come back, to the Tribe, anyway. Hahhh!

WTF does all that mean? Wink Smile

Well, if don't get it, oh well. Why read every word then, to then claim that? Hmmm, interesting passive aggressive-isms so well praxis-ed, "there?". But, it don't fly here Smile (see, e.g., FAWM 2021).

Tribalism, in good context, can be a very good thing. Love your Tribe, every member.

-- Oh, how do I know this, why say that?

Well, what did I just say, then? Fool

Well, it made sense when Daryl Hall commented it to Dan Rather Smile , as I took it in the context of how he has been and proceeds, - never will be, (least likely it seems), to "conform to any normative standard any time soon", that in fact, self evident simply destroys ("normative standards"), - while the non-status quo, does proceed relentlessly, and forms new paths, - as he did (MTV, Daryl's House, other); as we may.

To me, consider Daryl Hall, his interest, -- it served his capability, and combined with life's "good luck" too, as that goes.

try too hard, it gets out of reach. not bothered, suddenly its here.
playing hard to get gets you nowhere. but simply not caring gets you options.
interesting platitudes, i wonder if they truly do apply or is deeper?
i wonder if i try too hard at music sometimes - then i remember that life is too short to work too hard, family, health, friends, mentalwellbeing etc are more important than activities. but the activites give me all of the above a boost in them
time spent on activity is considered talent enough. good enough is good enough.
i consider how fame is a weird game, where not even talented people thrive. its not about the music sometimes. but maybe i can learn from the celebs?

Would one, or should one want to be famous, or infamous?

The infamous, - just are. And, accurately labeled, discussed, dissected Smile Wink "pile-on" - effected/affected.

I think it's less work to be infamous, that may be the better route to take.

What might that mean, for folks scratching their heads, mumbling WTF?!... Fool

Well, does "Tiny Tim" suck as a musician? Or, does he just play the way he plays?

Does, "Weird Al" suck, just in general? Or, does he just re-write and play the way he does?

I loved first reading about, J. Hendrix; known as really "sucking", not allowed to "jam" in the clubs etc., with the Status Quo folks (what was "Blues" in the beginning? Mainstream?). Or, did J.H. simply say, phuch you, leave the country, and then?

I could create quite a list in flow of thought, but, for what? No, actually, - phuch you all, and I do what I do, 'cause, I like it... "It's only rock and roll, but, I like it" Wink Fool [kidding, kidding, kidding... well, sort of Wink ]


-- I never tried to learn to be a competent musician, not ever. Hew? Wink

My grate-ness, reveals itself, in the ear's of the beholder.

well id like to be financially comfortable, but the trappings of fame mean exposure to your worth
i can have a real good time with £5. garlic bread, milkshake, darts and dominoes, hell, what else do i need?
re fame riches - what difference would a £200 garlic bread and chocolate do for me??
you see football players broke by the time they retire at 35yo. thats if theyre lucky.
this is why i think they favour the youth to play sports, not cause of the energy they have. but because of the higher chance of wasting the money on showoff items.
"the media HATE this 35YO football player - see how much he SAVED in his 13 year career!!"

I agree @Pants Art - I get that.

=== === ===
Other, in flow of thought...

Well, like all the, what is called "follow-me trains", -- follow me and I'll follow you. Why? For what? It's proven time and again, what it does. Smile

Also, like, for example, on Bandcamp... unless you LOOK for "it", and I do hope it stays that way, - why would anyone ask to be followed there? I see the fan/musician accounts now fused if want to. Also, some other data seems less prominent. I won't get into. I just hope they continue to evolve and not move sideways to be "like" anything else.

So, on that point?, - if someone follows me on BC, I'm like, hmmm, that's interesting... and other. It has more meaning than promoting to be followed for follow sake. And, there seems to be a few forms of "follow" there Smile hahh. If "that" worked, why even leave Facebook for anything? If does not work there, then, why, in any other sight? If anything, I want fewer "Facebook" mentality type folks on BC and more that seek, other, and especially in their music, - non-status-quo, formulaic and possibly even reach out to collaborate and extend their "Functional-tribe".

Consider Washington Square Park, and what happened in what era was that? New bands formed, and then? And, the "Establishment" folks, - went away, away, away... like I wish they would today, today, today Smile Establishment, conformist, nose-ringed-like-cattle folks Smile

They are even trying to "Police" the internet... , - and I thought we were getting rid of that?

Oh, well Wink Fool

We, shall SeA! Smile

Interesting, the turn this conversation has taken.
One of my best high school friends made a whole lot of money in the medical service industry (not a doctor). His talent and interest was entrepreneurship, not health care.
I would guess many in the entertainment management industry (not the talent, but their bosses and handlers) are similar to my friend - they are really good at making money, and they enjoy it. Not a bad thing, as long as you do it honestly. (My friend sure did - a really stand-up guy.)
I happen to really like the band Journey - massively popular when I was in high school. Great songs, great musicians. At the time, the hip rock critics called successful bands like that "corporate rock." And I remember reading an article in Rolling Stone about how, indeed, there was a business plan for Journey's success and they guys in the band were in on it. Nothing wrong with a combo of business savvy and music chops, and the songs endure.
The only parts of music that interest me, and that I have talent for, are picking up an instrument and practicing it, writing a song on it, and/or performing on it. Occasionally, I'll get an idea for reaching more people with my music, and sometimes the idea even works, mainly because I'm willing and able to play songs in front of people.
My wife and I own a business, by the way - a yoga studio. Yoga is supposed to be a mainly altruistic endeavor. But my wife has figured out ways to make us a little bit of money. My interest and talent is teaching yoga. I'm also pretty good at taking orders from my wife.

@Chip Withrow - yes, I love when a well facilitated thread proceeds, crashing through walls to better points on the other side, so well protected by all the brick and concrete Smile

- So, yes, very "fun-lightening", indeed Smile

All this time I thought you had a yogurt shop... wow, yoga... Wink (kidding kidding kidding... )

Anyway, Journey, - yes, I liked them too in HS.

Actually, about a year prior to "Journey", was "Yellow Journey". We were very pissed they took that part of our name and built their fame and fortune on our backs Fool
- A mostly true story-oid, factoid...?

Yes, the honest part, that's the toughy. I think, yes, I think, -- what happens is sometimes folks get successful simply because they are liked by many people. Then, all the other krappollllla occurs so well documented, - pressure to maintain, love of the mirror, cushy ashe-kissing life never previously enjoyed and gets - enjoyed!

Kinda why I like, since mentioned and here, - Daryl Hall types. As he said, while not sex drugs and rock and roll, sex and RnR anyway.

It took me no time at all to get really put off by the "band" coming over, getting loaded and then, - passing out; no music.

Or, the "girl" who begged to "sing", shows up, and, just, - never does. If she stopped being a girl for 5 mins, and just sang, -- wood'a help'd a lot Wink

Or, or, oar... Smile when begged to perform at an outdoor venue spring thing (they charged for), and asked them to rent the PA and said no. Know? NO? Back then, something like $100 a day... awheck... we didn't ask to be paid, but, needed that equipment... is 7000 watts to much to ask? I did't say 20,000, even 5000 might'a worked, we were surrounded by low granite appalach type mountain tops... - good live reverb, esp prior to full foliage, don'tjaknow. Smile

Anyway... we can add into talent and interest, - willingness to drop to your knees and give'm twenty? No, that's the Marine's and push ups?; -- well, similar Wink

I think I told this story about my brief "art" career (as life goes pending length of it Smile ) ... when the friend who used to hawk my krappe in the hamptons went full bye-polar said to me, "well, if asking you to sell your own stuff is to much to ask... , well then I don't know what to say" followed by numerous threats of suicide and homicide and et alia... and then, turned down the job at Christies since needed $20/mo to just break even on my bills (really, not kidding $20... short, not to mention the 90 min commute one-way, and the whole, "straight" intimacy preferences... , - seemed an issue too, wow, huhh, - sucks to be straight?)
- I figured the whole art, music world of that era was gonna halftwo survive w/o me.

And, so, -derUgo!

But, I am still a pretty gud ghitare player, aye? Beee

yes good point all round, nice to hear varying viewpoints.
@Chip Withrow I'm finding the balance still between my pursuit of the moneyz and my satisfaction in life, and I find if I have the passion, I go for it and give it some. I find I have it in me to do the same for moneys sakes. I also tend to enjoy lying in bed for a while and not worrying too much about the pending payments. Your friend sounds like a good guy, unashamed pursuit of what you want is after all, what I feel people can benefit from no matter how much effort put into it.
I like to see new bands emerge on the 'fame scene' and see people's reactions to them. "Oh not another boy band! Rubbish!" etc it's fun to see the chatter and bluster, as well as the media playing their part. Business is also interesting, in the communication and word of mouth sense, I like hearing people's views on establishments, because usually I keep myself to myself and enjoy them for enjoyment sake, not to form a clique, cause bother, drink the bar dry heh heh heh Biggrin
Which is why I don't seek this. It can damage families and societies, but it can also bring out the best in people.
A healthy mindset and you're on your way, just don't lose your head and you'll be fine they say. Which goes for everything.
And no harm in stickin' round seeing what goes down, and being able to tell funny tales about it later Biggrin
....Anyway I'm ranting hahaha
@ustaknow good anecdotes, there! this is the mystery of the bizz. What is real? It's fun to see what people know, and share Biggrin
I'm just some little guy from the North, eating his garlic bread on Saturdays and to stroll along happily amongst the rush. And the good thing is, hah! Nobody cares, I blend in, just like all the other unshaven chubby fellahs who coast into the supermarket in his crocs while the overachievers 'flood the beer ailse. These are the same ppl, who are playing Sunday league soccer bumping and grinding, spilling into the bar and partying hard, missing days off work, and getting sacked after a year, etc etc. No problem by me ofc, I enjoy seeing it all unfold as a sort of panto in front of me w/ friends of friends. They'd snatch your hand off at a ticket for the business, for even more of the same, partying, sex drugs and rnr.
I'll look him up, @ustaknow, another name in case you're interested, the whacky Mike Patton has a stance on the rock and roll lifestyle that may be quite extreme, but ofc he is rock and roll himself, but clean and prolific. He's a guy I can only emulate on a small scale, he's borderline workaholic. I do wonder which is the worse sin, but ofc people will do what they do, regardless if it isn't rewarding to change. And tbh, why would I stop them? Me? I'm too busy being a milk drinker and munching crisps for breakfast!! hahahaha! And that's where hypocracy can get ya - oh they're worse than me, I'm better than then. I consider, that in the end, ballers be ballin', skaters gonna skate, workers/shirkers gonna work/shirk.
We're all going down the lift of fire in a wooden box, heyy might as well make the most of it ey! Biggrin

And yes, you're a pretty good guitar player, my dude! And I consider now myself to be at least slighty above average at the guitar thingy wotist myself Wink I know where my ability lies and stops, so if anyone wants to pay me a million and let me still live at home, I can only dream. Biggrin

@Pants Art - long time ago I had a group of folks who could really talk; and I mean, very diverse folks, and brutally honest, without being brutal... kind of an exercise in Aristotle's Rhetoric... - enough to keep from being hanged, or killing anyone else while doing so; when, then ? , being able to really communicate was a life vocation Smile so to speak, eak, eek. One does not know how rare a pack of folks are until you've lived a while and had to survive stale crackers for a good while..., 40 years eating manna... if even from the hand of God..., had to get tiresome Smile

Anyway, my point, as it is, - folks today don't realize how much fun a, real, conversation, authentic communication can be when done correctly Smile but, that's me virtue signalling Smile Fool possibly, - can't be doing that!

My last degree (yes, sounds like many aye...)... anyway, my Capstone Paper was about the EEOC and the Retaliation that occurs (in reverse), abuse of the employer and the ramifications of it (the great recession, I cite Wink hahhh... - kill the chicken, no more eggs, one meal, or many little ones? U-choose, and we did). Anyway, so circa '08 through '13 ish I used to make folks run from me asking them about how they felt about "Race", and et alia as it related to Employment and Sociological Effect. Man, no one wanted to talk about it, - then Smile hahhh, ahead of my time - again!

Anyway, it's a bit of an art and persistence to interrogate the truth from society members to support a qualitative thesis which by shear bulk of anecdote becomes empirical, quantitative.

- So, what I find is, the one place the "truth is always spoke" is between Two Chords and Six Fingers.

And, why I love music so much.

- But, I digress making a point without a direction of context or content Smile
- Maybe that's what Music, or a 2min 45sec song, is?

What is Music?
What is a Song?
What is Art? Fool

@ustaknow said:

"What is Music?
What is a Song?
What is Art?"

Well, it's pretty easy to give the scientific or dictionary defintions of the above terms (Music/Song/Art), but I know that's not what you're looking for. The problem is (or maybe not "the problem"; maybe it's more the great thing about it) that those terms are highly subjective. And in my mind, they should be. Most people would probably agree that Music is a combination of sounds and frequencies that are pleasing to the human ear (scientific defintion, perhaps? Sorry). In other words, if it sounds good and has a rhythm then its music. If not, it's just noise.

On the other hand, there have been many experimental artists who have used unconventional means to create what they call music. They've created songs that probably would not pass the "pleasing sound with a rhythm" most humans ascribe to music. However, arguably these creations could be considered music because in my mind (and here's a less generalized defintion of "Music") any frequencies strung & mixed together with the intent of creating a reaction in those who listen is considered Music. If you want to listen to some Music that is challenging in this way, pick up a copy of Roger Water's Music From The Body. Its art rock in the absolute sense of the term.

As for art, well I would propose a similar definition as the one I just presented for music - however it would be on a higher macro level. i.e. Any human endeavour with the intent to create an emotional or experiential reaction in its audience.

The problem is that most people ascribe some sort of subjective judgement as a prerequisite of defining something as "Art" or "Music". Often someone has to "like" something in order to classify it as "Art" or "Music". Otherwise they judge it as "random junk" or "noise" with no artistic or musical quality at all.

My 2¢'s…

See You In The Shadows…

p.s. I hope this is the sort of thing you meant by "engaging & meaningful conversation". Like you, @ustaknow, it is something I always look for in my relationships with others and enjoy perhaps more than anything else in the world. But then, I'm a Philosopher at heart, so that should come as no surprise to anyone Lol

See You In The Shadows…

Heheh on the topic of rhetoric, I enjoy bullshine and witnessing the percieved 'power' one can have in a conversation.. however I can be blunt as a result of a past life when I used to hang out with such 'pseudo philosphers'. I found a lotta people are making it up as they go along, as am I! but I'm not afraid to admit it. I think there's a time and place for the bluff, however I'm moralistically conflicted with the worlds views of the easy pleasures. I'm closed minded towards the political stances, however open minded to human experience. What this means in conversation I'm not sure. I just know (in person, MUCH HARDER online) when I can see someone being a fool towards me, and make a choice.

I like ideas and concepts, and the open discussion. I've sometimes found people saying they're open minded, but dismiss any of my ideas and concepts. I actually find it funny sometimes, how I can present open discussion on my own idea of pseudo social politics as a middle man. But on my own time of course, I don't seek it out.

I'm a pantser, so I make it up as I go along. More fun that way for me Wink

"I know I believe in nothing but it is my nothing" - Richey James Edwards

Hey @Candle - isn't a philosopher, someone who's just not made any decisions yet? Developmental theory in praxis, or, something like that? Smile hahhh! (WTF does that mean?!) Who knows, who cares..., who's well considered it? Wink Fool

@Pants Art "moralistically conflicted with the worlds views of the easy pleasures" - lots to unpack there. Due tel Smile
- I drink, there, four I am, sometimes six.

Yes, indeed, "terms [words] are highly subjective".

Life, time spent, - has a way of effecting/affecting words, meanings.

I remember, oh, some time ago now folks discussing "sex". Hmmm, now, this is going back a few years, however, what that meant and to whom, how, and "felt good" was quite an interesting listen.

The most unexpected things, as I witnessed, come from the mouths of folks that look *nothing like, of what they speak. o m g... so, if that don't put a simple country college boy on guard, (regarding dating folks from the big city, or otherwise Smile ), nothing will!

Since, Music, Art, et alia likewise is as intimate as that, is why I find the public display of it, so interesting, - especially if authentic, real, raw, well intended. "That", can make it art.

E.g., - on a wall in a hallway in a very expensive house in a very expensive neighborhood I observed a wall hanging, item.

It' was a very well crushed, Bicycle Basket from the front handlebars of a Bicycle. It was just fantastic looking there on the wall.

- "Found art", (some NYC street, and they, the owner of it and the house, Smile explained that to me at a very early age), and so it goes, what one say's it is, it is, and one may agree or not. Sometimes, like sex, if it hurts just a little bit, it feels even better, well, or, so I am told. However, "new", even the idea of City Street Trash hanging in a $M home could "hurt", as an idea, so to speak, - it looked fantastic and it was NFS, (either).

@ustaknow it's evident in my music, I plant digs on the occasion at the loose themes of s*x drugs and rock n roll lifestyle.. I'll refrain from the unpacking but I will give it a sticky label.. I may have been blessed with a good upbringing, a conscience, or any other thing, I just don't 'feel' the whole hype around them. You hand me chocolate, milkshake, a garlic bread, a soda, etc and I'll choose that over one night stands any day Biggrin

@ustaknow, you're somewhat dead on the money with that thought on philosophers. I mean, Socrates was famous for saying "All I know is that I know nothing at all." And seriously, once you go down the path of Epistemology (a philosophical discipline - the Study Of The Theory of Knowledge. i.e. how we know what we know & studying the difference between Knowledge & Belief (huge difference, BTW)) you quickly realize that old Greek was right. Tho, I have to say, I Know about 9 things. Everything else is pure speculation. Development Theory in Praxis. Yeah, that sort of fits Biggrin You have to remember tho, Philosophy is the foundation of all Science. Without someone asking "Why?", you'd never get to the "How" that Science loves to give us. Philosophers just keep asking "Why?" never settling for a full answer (unless the answer fits into the limited Epistemological definition of Knowledge, that is - which again, there isn't much that can be catagorized as Epistemological Knowledge. i.e. something that is inherently True in & of itself. About the only thing that qualifies under that definition is the Cogito - i.e. "I Think, Therefore I Am" But now I'm running down another rabbit hole LOL). It's the foundation of constructive skeptiscm & it keeps Science honest.

Anyway, before I stumble down multiple rabbit holes at once (already did that, sorry)…

I agree with you re: the intimate character of art/music and how even though it can be so intimate for the artist we still feel the need to display/perform it publically. Is it ego that drives us to do this? Is it some sort of twisted gratification we think we require? Or are we simply searching to be accepted by others & hope that somebody elese has felt/experienced the world in a similar way as us? I think it's all three… to one degree or another. At least for me.

@Pants Art I always say all I need is Whisky & Pink Floyd Lol But seriously, I agree with you 100% Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

@Candle yes, indeed - "Philosophy is the foundation of all Science".

And so today, one has to ask for the definitions page that preambles the discussion at hand Smile

So, for example, is one following the Philosophical Science, the Theory, or are they aggregating empirical, qualitative to quantitative data, Science; - looks like a duck, quacks and walks like one, - "itsahduck!" Or, is it a Theoretical Fowl/Foul Smile that is self originating in the moment?, - like, language, or as I've preached, "Onlineguage" Fool

I wonder is the "Sloth" a theoretical animal? Consider that, in theory ?, it is an arboreal neotropical xenarthran mammal, constituting the suborder Folivora, but, it is still not an Anteater Smile - And, yet, it is a new Music Genre! Smile (see what I did there Fool well, in theory).

Anyway, for me, in a good way, it's interesting to watch other folks dig 10 different Rabbit Wholes Smile simultaneously, authentically, - normalizes my state of being, there4Iam. Hahhh! Smile

@Pants Art I'm with you on that. I always was and remain, the designated driver; and, no one ever complained about it, no peer pressures in my circles, - more for them. The more I observe, the more I feel correct Smile - well, decisions for me anyway.

I think the real question here is, what is @Candle's favourite Pink Floyd album?!?

Or, is it Rye or Corn liquor? Even more important, possibly.

It's a toss up between Dark Side, Meddle & Atom Heart Mother @Fuzzy. Though, I also really enjoy A Saucerful Of Secrets & Ummagumma. Must you make me choose? Lol

Rye - or what you Americans like to call "Canadian Whisky", @ustaknow - but what is more properly called "Blended Whisky". Though, I do quite enjoy Scotch, i.e. Single Malt Whisky - especially Talisker & Oban.

A recipe for a "trippy" evening:

1oz Talisker (no ice) enjoyed & consummed before pressing play.
Careful With That Axe, Eugene cued up to listen to in headphones (from the aforementioned Ummagumma album)
Close your eyes, match your breathing to Roger's Bass.
Let the music & whisky take you on a journey.

Warning: you might want to do this when no one else is around. I started screaming along with Roger in the climax of the song. Scared the $#!t out of my roommate. He still thinks I might have died during that little trip Lol

See You In The Shadows…

@Candle ofc what else would you need? Biggrin I don't mind the casual pint a time or two a year. I tell ya what, I can get pretty tipsy quick which is an easy cheap way for me to feel a 'thrill'. Then the next day it's back to the familars!! Wink I agree regarding the philo vs science, it's interesting you brought that up because I've been meaning to find out the true difference between knowledge and what we know. Now I have a basis to look up now

@ustaknow yes designated driver can often get a free drink too in some parts around here, some scheme of some kind, so I like to play those odds 'diet soda, on the house!' Biggrin

@Candle oh my... no... that's Kentucky Whisky, "corn whisky" and O M G ... blended? with what? Fool No, here in the US of A, Wink (a non-european country, still), -- unlike "wine" drinkers, - we make batches, age them, then bath our innards with it.

We use Scotch-tape, but, nothing otherwise advised as consumable.

I prefer Rye, because, I don't want a dessert whisky, sweet, or otherwise - corn. But, sometimes I do. And, I've had some very fine Kentucky corn whiskey's - usually in a bottle under a well dusty-ed label of unforeverseen design. I then return to buy more, and ask for more of that, and like the twilight zone, - "oh sir, we never carried that, it doesn't even exist, - see our book" (show's me their inventory book - kinda overkill and makes me wonder they do/did that Wink ? ). (So, was there when they bought the store... fine, aged in the bottle Smile for 50 years) hahhh!

So, anyway, all of that to politely comment, "we" don't call anything Canadian Whisky Smile We do like your Beer though Fool and a few of your musicians from up there too. I love when Jack White toured every Firehouse and small venue a few years back... lots of really talented folks up there, outside those big cities, (esp your west-coast it seems), - kinda like here in the US... (our fly-over States have most of the better talent, it seems, lately), -- more original talent, off Broadway, than on.

But, I digress in my kidding aroundism's...


Blended - as opposed to being a single malt.

Rye (aka "Canadian Whisky" -like how Americans say "Canadian Bacon" - which we just call Back Bacon ( Perhaps the "Canadian Whisky" is a border state thing. See, the joy of Linguistics - especially dialects, eh? ( Wink ) I'm still amazed how different our cultures are, even though we live next door to each other. I mean, Minnesotans & North Dakotans are so different (culturally) from Manitobans & NW Ontarians It's kinda crazy, really…) is aged in a similar fashion to single malts, but the process is different. Yes, Rye uses corn & other "accepted flavourings" (according to Canadian Law), but it is still a blended whisky & not a single malt.

As for our small towns, yeah they're gems (tho Swift Current still confuses me… but that's another story/rabbit hole). But you've got some gems south o'the 49th as well. I mean, Bimidji, MN has probably the best Hot Dog restaurant in the world (& I still swear Bimidji sounds like it should be in the Carribean or Pacific Ocean & not the middle of the continent - tho, I realize it's an Objibwe word, it just sounds out of place up in these parts.).

But, like you, I digress as well Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

There's a number lovely Japanese Single Malts including Suntory, Nikka & Sanraku - as well as Single Malts distilled in other countries (Ireland, Wales, Australia & India to name a few). Though Single Malts are usually referred to as "Scotch", technically only Scottish Single Malts may be called "Scotch" (give or take the tape & other adhesives Wink produced by 3M, btw). All these other Single Malts are just that: Single Malts.

My Highland blood has bent me toward being a Scotch Drinker (I'm a MacLeod on my maternal Grandmother's side - one reason I lean toward Talisker as my Scotch of choice). My Canukastani Blood has bent be toward being a Rye drinker. I enjoy both. I would have probably been a beer drinker as well (another Canuastani cultural thing), but my father makes his own beer so I grew up with the smell of fermenting hops. As such, the smell of beer turns my stomach (I know, I'm really a bad Canuk Wink ). I like ale tho (Guiness mostly), figure that one out Lol

See You In The Shadows…

Music for me is about fun. Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, yes. Fame and money? I don't care about that.

Music for me is defined as an emotional connection made with sound. If it doesn't resonate with the listener, it's not music to *that* listener. That's how I see it, anyway.

As far as philosophy goes... I think there's a limit to how much you need to know. Once you're satisfied with knowledge, then just try to have fun, I say!

Just some random thoughts...

I was far happier, when knew allot less (knowledge, philosophy). Not that I want to get wacked in the head or anything. But, just say'in, - I remember that. Being truly stupid, may be a genuine blessing. Fool You know? Well, or, don't know?

- Now, I have a responsiblity to correct everyone else? o m g ... so many wrong folks, it's allot of work Wink

@ustaknow: Ignorance is bliss?

@cblack: Indeed, Those who like a song will continue to listen to it. Those who don't will move on until they find something they like. As for knowledge, well - yes. At some point you simply must be satisfied with what you know, yet still be open to other possibilities. Then it's time to go out & experiænce the world to its fullest. But, never stop learning Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

Yeah. After decades of thinking, I recently reached the point where I had acceptable personal answers to all the questions that mattered to me. Now, it's time to simply live. Took 37 years, but the *next* 37 years should be fantastic! Biggrin

@Candle - the thing is, I didn't know, until I knew.

And, not that I wondered, it's just that, one day, I suddenly, (it was I think 2 pm on a Tuesday in the '80's), ... I realized I had been paying to much attention, and was just so much more knowingly alert. I was like, what's this I'm feeling, (what did I have for lunch?), - uncomfortable, unsafe, wondering why I was surrounded by so many stupid people... like waking up, to a nighmare, (so to speak, I was one of them and just as happy).

I felt betrayed by life, - oh to be a fish, and swim freely, yet not know of it.

Now, I drink Rye Smile