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Wrangle your inner poet and write another line or couplet that may or may not rhyme
Lets create an endless meta poem about songwriting or 50/90

I once hadda rock but I chucked it

I once hadda guitar & I plucked it

See You In The Shadows…

Then got a bad job in Nantucket

Singing my songs for slobs spittin up in a bucket

It all looked like corn, so I said awe shuck it

Then came to my aid, was this one fine maid

Said I was the one for whom she had prayed
Told me to call her Sweet Adelaide

We prayed and prayed, and there our troubles laid

Adelaide had a hard edge, for such a country girl
She could pick a banjo in the style of Saint Earl

Adelaide (not the one in Australia)
Was a dependable girl; she'd never fail ya.

We once started a co-write about buckets and spam
Till I left unexcited and thought it a sham

It wasn't of her strings, or rhythm, a fan

It was her tight pale round, sheep skinned pan

Riding my bike a line dropped into my brain
About how I love the lonesome whistle of a train

But that pale round banjo,
Was not on board, their,

Good ol' country music runs through my veins
so there are never too many songs about trains

Wares and tales, that can hang low
Yet, cause no tears

my wandering knotweed weeps where dangling tulips and the knotweed plane glows
Her story echoes in nature more than my banjo sings and the train whistle blows

and oh
that banjo