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Hello, I have a weekly rock music show (called "Offbeat") on the internet community radio station "Spanish Rock Shot Radio" at:


It is midday on Saturdays, repeated at 8pm on Sundays and 9pm on Mondays, according to British time. Starting NEXT week i will be showcasing songs from this year's 50/90 on the show.

So, basically i will just be listening to the site and putting songs i like onto the show. I know there is FAR too much stuff for me to listen to everything though so it isn't really a best of 50/90, just some stuff that i like that comes up in my listening.

Feel free to let me know if you hear a great track on the site that you would like to request on the show. Also what i REALLY COULD DO WITH is a couple of nice jingles to go along with the 50/90 section of the show. Maybe the jingle could have the name of the 50/90 site, and the name of the show, but i mean, use your creativity. If i get two or three, i will be able to use all of them. Maybe one or two people could even take this as a songwriting prompt (though obviously they need to be quite short).

The episodes also get saved as podcasts the following week at http://www.spanishrockshot.com/podcasts if you miss the actual broadcasts, so if your songs gets played and you or someone you know missed it or wants to hear it again, no problem.

Thanks everyone, hope it is a good 50/90 for you! Smile

@Calum Carlyle This is good idea. You did this in the past and put on some really fine music. I'll certainly be listening. I've never tried making a jingle before but it's good to have a challenge!

Awesome that you're doing this (again.) Thanks Calum.

If anybody does make a jingle, could you please tag it with #5090cast? thanks.

Now, this week's show was on yesterday at noon, just as the 5090 site was opening up for the year, so it was too early to play anything from 5090 on this week's show (though there is a song from FAWM 2020 on the show, by @expendable friend and @McTown this week if you're interested).

However NEXT WEEK (Saturday 11th July) at noon BST, I'll be playing songs from @spirulence, @Dragondreams, @Roddy, @adamh, @Kurtis Kanttila, @IA, @headfirstonly, @sam sorrow, @thelowestbitter, @alfalfa, @Candle, @G3 Darnell, @yam655, @Marilisa, @carleybaer and @mike skliar on the show.

The URL to listen to the show is as always https://www.spanishrockshot.com/

The show will be broadcast, as i say, at noon on Saturday, then repeated at 8pm on Sunday and 9pm on Monday, all BST (adjust for your local timezone if necessary). If you miss it, or want to hear it again, you can hear it in the podcasts section of the Spanish Rock Shot website. Why not go back and listen to the shows i did during last summer and last FAWM as well, in the meantime?

Really impressed by how many songs there ALREADY are on 5090. Next week's show is already stuffed with songs just written in the first 36 hours of the challenge! Well done to everyone so far. I'll try to be a bit more last minute for subsequent shows, but i was quite overwhelmed by the actual amount of stuff already on the 5090 site tbh.

Awesome stuff @Calum Carlyle, I'll be listening in. Great work!

See You In The Shadows…

Just a quick bump, since the first show to feature 5090 songs is about to come on in about half an hour, including music from @spirulence, @Dragondreams, @Roddy, @adamh, @Kurtis Kanttila, @IA, @headfirstonly, @sam sorrow, @thelowestbitter, @alfalfa, @Candle, @G3 Darnell, @yam655, @Marilisa, @carleybaer and @mike skliar.

Only on... https://www.spanishrockshot.com/

Thank you so much for this, Calum - I'm listening in right now! Very chuffed you'll be playing one of my songs!

haven't had a chance to listen yet but thanks so much @Calum Carlyle for doing this!

Hi folks, i just realised i hadn't warned the folk whose songs i'll be playing on the show today, so @alfalfa, @Jackketch, @bigfluffybunny,@metalfoot, @pokerowan, @fluidvolt, @Jerry Pettit, @ustaknow, @dzd, @G3 Darnell, @A.Eye and @lowhum your songs will be in today's show, which starts in a quarter of an hour as i type this!
It's repeated tomorrow at 8pm (BST) and Monday at 9pm (BST) if you don't see this in time.

I hope this tagging is useful, i'm not actually sure where it shows up, so if i'm not sure, it is likely that other people won't be seeing it either. Anyway, there it is. And i'm about to upload last week's show with all the 50/90 stuff from the first week on it as well which you'll be able to find at www.spanishrockshot.com/podcasts

Rock on, dudes and dudettes!

woo! Now I'm curious which song of mine you grabbed for the show. I'll have to listen later. Smile

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Thanks! yeah I'll give it a listen later if I can do some time difference math Wink

Oh wow I missed this yesterday but I can't wait to give it a listen! Thanks Calum!!

@Calum Carlyle Thanks for playing my track last week! I was able to grab the podcast today - your intro on the 50/90 section of the show totally nails the spirit!

I might try my hand at a few jingles for you tonight. I'll try to remember to tag you in them.

I recommend "thisisbeckyw" for your show! Kind of melodic folk-rock and she is a very experienced musician! And also "wacha", she play aggressive-folk and is a great musician with a beautiful voice!

Heya @Calum Carlyle ! How is the show going ? I have only just spotted this thread so will need to have a listen Smile Will try and be there live next Saturday Smile

Show has been fun so far. Bit of work in the preparation but fun to do! Still need to finalise the playlist for this weekend and upload last weekend's show to the podcast section of the SRS site, hopefully will do that tonight and post the list of who I will be playing into this thread!

It is a joy really because there are so many interesting new songs just coming from the brains, hands and mouths of all the songwriters here.

Thanks for doing this, Calum. I know it's appreciated.

Gak! Last minute i know, but the show is on now, and today i will be playing songs from @missy mark @sbs2018 [@jeustan] @Purple Catfish Bro @thisisbeckyw @JamKar @kahlo2013 @Jessica Szturmann @Fuzzy @Technicolor Gramophone @sam sorrow @Wackamoose @fresh spotless youth and @sph.

And it'll be repeated tomorrow evening at 8pm and Monday at 9 (BST), then it'll be up as a podcast on spanishrockshot.com about a week later.

Cool! I'm looking forward to checking that out...

Thank you! I wasn’t able to tune into this one but the other playlists you posted have killer rock choices. Love that Ty Segall song, Taste!

That's a really cool show, Calum. It's been a long time since I've listened to music like that, just sitting there with no preconceived notions, waiting to see what wackiness is around the next bend. It made me feel like a teenager with the A.M. radio on

Thanks for the kind words, guys! Well, for those who missed listening live to the last two shows, i have finally got round to uploading them to the podcasts section of the site. Episodes 57 and 58 right here: https://www.spanishrockshot.com/podcastfilter/offbeat/

More stuff from 50/90 on this Saturday's show of course, though i have no clue yet what, because i haven't sat down yet to do my listening! It's a labour of love, though. Smile

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I've only caught the first half of the last one you did 58 I guess? , but @fresh spotless youth did pretty much nail down my feelings exactly, made me miss actual radio that played actual music I hadn't already heard everywhere else before, even all the more! I'll sure check out some backlogs of stuff next time I'm debating what to listen to Wink probably won't be until 50/90 is over, but still Smile

I decided not to be mister last minute this week, so i have already finalised the tracklist for this Saturday, so this weekend, i'll be playing songs by @Dragondreams, @missy mark, @wacha, @Chip Withrow, @Candle, @philmcmill, @Kurtis Kanttila, @pipewrench67, @dzd, @Jessicagraae, @stuartbenbow, @Vegansongs, @mikehex, @robertjames1971, @gregjwere and @G3 Darnell so tune in if you can and tell everybody you know! Smile

How fun! Curious, too, about my song. I missed the notification but will look for the posting. Thanks for including me.

A second song featured on your show? Wow. I don't know what to say. Thank you so much @Calum Carlyle!

See You In The Shadows…

Exciting! I love your show... I may have to listen live rather than waiting for the podcast

Wow! Thank you @Calum Carlyle! I've only just spotted this. Smile

Just starting the show now. I am showcasing some songwriters from Edinburgh this week as well, but still have time for songs from @Melody, @The Lung God, @tcelliott, @Chip Withrow, @johnstaples and @mike skliar. Do tune in and have a listen, i think you will all enjoy the Edinburgh stuff as well, and next week it will be back to a full ladleful of 5090.

I just now saw this.. How funtastic! THank you for including my work!

Well I tuned in... 12 hours later than I should have. Thanks, Calum, for doing this. It is appreciated.

Okay, so episodes 59 and 60 are both up now as podcasts if you want to hear them:


Also, episode 61 is due to be on tomorrow (Saturday) at midday, which is repeated on Sunday at 8pm and Monday at 9pm, all of these times are BST, so your local time may vary, but DO TUNE IN! loads of freshly written songs from 5090 as well as a few records.

This week, i'll be playing new songs written by: @bunter, @Donna Devine, @fresh spotless youth, @Gwyn Jones, @Bill White, @lowhum, @Johnny Cashpoint, @headfirstonly, @Edward 9th Street, @corinne54, @Roddy, @crisp1, @plainwhitetoast, @the Catalytic Perverters and @alyxanderjames!!! Don't miss it!

Sounds like an awesome lineup @Calum Carlyle. Thank you so much for putting on this show!

See You In The Shadows…

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@Calum Carlyle yeah this weeks lineup does look good!, and you caught a few I've not yet got around to listening to any or very little output from this summer, I'll try to tune in, if not already missed it, if so oh well....I'll catch it later haha. Finally made it through a full listen of one of your older ones from 3-4 weeks ago maybe? Was the spotlight mostly on the Edinburgh one, I really enjoyed it. You do a really nice job of just letting the music go, with just the right amount of commentary, can tell you didn't just shuffle it and let it fly, and not soo much I wanna scream okay back to the music! hahah.........Was impressed with your DJ skills, it's one of those art forms slowly fading away Smile thanks again!

Thanks for the kind words!

Sorry about this folks, but our website had a bit of a technical issue and now it doesn't have the past two weeks of shows as podcasts, so I will be uploading them in the next day or so for those who want to hear them (though all of the 5090 stuff is of course actually available here on 5090 really). And I'll get back to you in the next day or two about who's on this Saturday's show.

I want to keep trying to showcase songwriters I've not had on before, and not just stick to my favourites, but as 5090 progresses it does come down to a smaller core group who are still at it, so it becomes harder to play stuff by people I haven't played before. Also, of course, it's kind of limited to songs where a recording exists and has been shared with 5090.

@Calum Carlyle -- Smile so you can't use songs that don't actually exist, not shared, espcially on 5090? Almost unreasonable Smile

-- Anywway, good stuff, -- enjoy it!

@Calum Carlyle - a belated thank you for including me on one of the recent shows! and good luck with the technical problems, etc! be well, stay safe, etc!

Thanks Mike, really it should be me thanking you and everyone for writing such a lot of interesting diverse songs!

All the podcasts are now back online, including the one from this weekend just past.


Also, i am well on the way to finalising this Saturday's playlist, and i'll hopefully be back here BEFORE the start of the show, for once, to say which fiftyninetyers I'll be playing!

OKAY the show is coming on in just over an hour from now (midday BST on Saturdays, repeated 8pm BST on Sundays and 9pm BST on Mondays), and this week, i'll be playing freshly written songs from: @Jerry Pettit, @Saltyjohn, @standup, @dzd, @sbs2018, @marthienel, @mikehex, @musicsongwriter, @Kristi, @cola, @tjeff, @Chip Withrow, @Amanda Rose Riley, @helen, @nancyrost and @robertjames1971

Don't miss it, on www.spanishrockshot.com
And all the past episodes are available to listen to at www.spanishrockshot.com/podcastfilter/offbeat

Hey, I just noticed you played my weirdo song "What Lies Deep" - Thanks! Smile

@Calum Carlyle Hey thanks for including me! Just saw this now from checking my mentions at 2 am so I will check it out when I'm more awake!

And for tomorrow's show, i will be playing some records, plus 50/90 songs from: @JūS, @coolparadiso, @marthienel, @Edward 9th Street, @crisp1, @cleanshoes, and @metalfoot.

It's on on Saturdays at midday (British time), then repeated at 8pm on Sunday and 9pm on Monday (again, British time).
And last week's episode is now up in the podcast section* if you missed it, or just want to relive the joy!

* - https://www.spanishrockshot.com/podcastfilter/offbeat/ - oh yeah!

You do a great job DJ-ing. These shows are cool with a lot of good, diverse songs.

Whoa, thank you for the feature! Will try to tune in this afternoon!

Also going to try to give a listen this afternoon!

So the most recent episode (63) is up as a podcast now, i'm just listening through the 5090 stuff for next week's playlist.
I'm getting the feeling the community has shrunk considerably though, which is a pity but perhaps inevitable.
Thinking i should maybe have put more time into writing songs than doing the show, but then i was doing the show every week anyway, and it would have been wrong to neglect you guys.
Hope you enjoy anyway, i'll be back in a day or two to update you whose songs i'll be playing this saturday. Keep writing the classics!


Thank you, Calum! Loving the eclectic mix on your playlists and great hosting. I enjoy every show.

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I think a lot of peoples burnout is partly due to the fact most of us haven't taken a break since fawm this year........it has turned into quite the marathon of writing, I know I was pretty burnt lyrically even by the time 50/90 started Biggrin and personally just trying to stay somewhat level headed and sane with all the US nuttiness is taxing enough as is, makes music not quite the escape I mainly use it for when if empathetic at all.... it seeps into everything.
but yeah, keep up the great work with your show! I have really enjoyed all of them I've listened to so far! It is a great blend of stuff.

Have really enjoyed this! Thanks for including me. But, yeah, winding down...

@dzd @Calum Carlyle - every year folks speak of the "shrink" and I get that. However, for me, the folks that remain are of a certain skew, or make up concerning music. I've found that, some of the best connections and comments and etc-all happen in the "dog-daze" of the project. Some folks, for example complain about comment count; me, I could not handle more than, say 5 since if then authentically interact, well me, -- not gonna happen since am screen flipping all day for work-work. I love that "paradigm" I developed from 4 years ago or so via FAWM, -- krappe, never thought, (my quickest), write, record and upload a song in 20 minutes! Since I am not a "recording" artist, unless someone really provides specific feedback -- they don't get touched. (And so I carried that one forward from several years of revisions, and etc.)

The effect for a 1+1 demo only, to remember song has worked well for me (and my almost famous friends I force them onto Smile hahhh!).

-- So, this is prime time in so far as how I see it.

-- Cheers to all!

Thx @Calum Carlyle for playing my song and giving my Murrumbidgee River a mention.