Songs tagged Week2

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The future is ours Piano, Pop, rock, guitar, optimistic, anthem, millenials, rise up, Week2 Donated3tdoan 5 3 days 23 hours
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link Maybe Shes Right Week2, advice, blues billwhite51 2 6 days 19 hours
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Demo Old Man's Speech Week2, Folk, singer-songwriter bithprod 1 5 days 2 hours
BranCerddorion's picture
link Shoulda Had Another Cup of Coffee Week2, coffee, Folk BranCerddorion 1 1 week 1 day
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Blessing of Brokenness Folk, gospel, Week2 Donatedcolgoo 8 1 week 1 day
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Demo Quiet Lies Week2, girl with guitar Donatedcolgoo 6 5 days 11 hours
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link Songs About Women Week2, advice, country, Harmony edsmaron 4 1 week 3 days
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link Listen to Me Week2, rock, indie, Week3 Edward's Music lol 2 1 week 4 days
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Demo Pay the Price Uptempo, advice, Week2, Honeydew, fortunate Donatedfamouspatrick 1 5 days 18 hours
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Jonny's Didactic Art Pop, Week2, Week3, Alt-alt-country French Cricket 6 2 days 15 hours
izaak's picture
link Reason One - Expectations Week2, advice, snappy-sing-a-long, with, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, flute, mandolin izaak 10 3 days 16 hours
Jessica Szturmann's picture
link Life is a book or a burden Week2 Jessica Szturmann 5 3 days 59 min
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link Nothing for Granted philosophical, synth, electronic, Ambient, mellow, chill, Week2 Joshua McLean 3 1 week 23 hours
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Advice for nieces & nephews (don't be an a**) Week2, advice, philosophy, #folk Donatedmike skliar 4 2 days 18 hours
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link Juliana Week2 DonatedPam Grisham 2 9 hours 40 min
Rob From Amersfoort's picture
Demo Advice Week2, challenge DonatedRob From Amersfoort 4 1 week 18 hours
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Demo What you believe Week2, rock, Ambient, weird Donatedstandup 5 1 week 4 days
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link What's Going On acoustic, one-take, guy-with-guitar, harmonica, communication, Technology, Week2 stuartbenbow 8 3 days 23 hours
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Turn the Volume Down Week2, sheet-music, needs collab yam655 2 1 week 4 days