Songs tagged Week1

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Arthur Rossi's picture
Graduation day (needs music) needs-music, needs-music-vocals, lyrics, lyrics-only, collaboration, looking-for-collaboration, collaborator, needs-collaboration, needs-vocals, Week1, song winnerArthur Rossi 2 9 months 2 weeks
bithprod's picture
A Day to Celebrate Week1, needs-music, birthday song bithprod 2 9 months 2 weeks
BranCerddorion's picture
link The Forest Home (A Gathering) fairytale, Folk, story, Week1 BranCerddorion 3 9 months 2 weeks
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Your Birthday Song Piano, love, birthday, Week1 DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 7 9 months 2 weeks
colgoo's picture
Demo 4th of July in Utah Week1, Folk Donatedwinnercolgoo 7 9 months 1 week
darcistrutt's picture
Demo Simply the Best Week1, SopranoUkulele, Festival Donateddarcistrutt 8 9 months 3 hours
edsmaron's picture
link Hillbilly Christmas Week1, country, guitar, comedy Donatedwinneredsmaron 17 9 months 3 weeks
Edward's Music lol's picture
link It's Your Birthday birthday, holiday, Week1, rock, odd time signature winnerEdward's Music lol 4 9 months 3 weeks
Edward's Music lol's picture
link Dawn Week1, skirmish, work in progress winnerEdward's Music lol 2 9 months 2 weeks
Faststrings75's picture
link 4th Of July Firecrackers! Week1, guitar, guitar noodling, lyircs, vocals, stoner winnerFaststrings75 jcollins 3 9 months 3 weeks
izaak's picture
link Reason Fourteen - Special Occasion Week1, jazz, lounge, whistling, trombone Donatedizaak 10 7 months 3 weeks
jcollins's picture
link The 3rd of July Week1, guitar, guitar noodling, lyrics, vocals, stoner Donatedjcollins 4 9 months 3 weeks
Joshua McLean's picture
link Happy Birthday (Your Last) Metal, rock, hardcore, Week1, Dark, birthday Joshua McLean 4 9 months 2 weeks
katpiercemusic's picture
video Birthday Tea Week1, vintage, hip hop, trumpet Donatedkatpiercemusic 15 9 months 2 weeks
R.bachman's picture
link 52- rainy gloomy Fourth of July Week1, One take, shortandsweet R.bachman 3 9 months 3 weeks
reklov's picture
link Balduin Week1, spooky, acoustic, mellotron, sad, melancholic winnerreklov 8 9 months 3 weeks
Rob From Amersfoort's picture
Demo Happy Birthday (Or Not) Week1, challenge, post-retro indie-pop DonatedRob From Amersfoort 16 9 months 2 weeks
Scubed's picture
Demo Moving Day Week1, special-occasion, Folk, bittersweet DonatedScubed 5 8 months 1 week
Sw1n3flu's picture
link 4th of July dadgad, acoustic, one-take, improvisation, Week1, demo, neglected12string, drone DonatedSw1n3flu 6 9 months 2 weeks
tamsnumber4's picture
link Every Anniversary Week1, Acoustic folk, Anniversary, relationship, breakup, sad tamsnumber4 20 9 months 3 days
TomS's picture
Demo A Vampire Child is Born Orchestral, Movie-music, Week1 DonatedwinnerTomS 8 9 months 2 weeks
Wackamoose's picture
My Sex Tape Romance, Commerce, Dance, Week1 Wackamoose 4 9 months 2 weeks
yam655's picture
Demo Special Occasion Week1, sheet-music, needs-vocals, sing-along winneryam655 4 9 months 2 weeks
zxcvbnm's picture
link Oor Tam;s Burns Nicht Week1, comedy, Scottish Donatedzxcvbnm 11 9 months 2 weeks