Songs tagged silly

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Demo Bun rieu - Vietnamese food song Vietnamese, Food, silly, acoustic, ukulele Donatedwinner3tdoan 9 1 month 3 weeks
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Demo Dragons Attack! Poetry, dragons, silly, acoustic Donatedwinnermetalfoot Chandra83 5 2 months 3 hours
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Demo Walking my hooman doggo, silly, ukulele, blues, acoustic Donatedwinner3tdoan 4 2 months 5 days
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Demo Kleenex and wine medical, silly, ukulele, acoustic Donatedwinner3tdoan 7 2 months 6 days
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Demo Freecycle ten-second-songs, silly Donatedpfoo 9 2 months 1 week
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link Beatnik Bingo Bango Bongo silly, bongos, Garageband Donatedcorinne54 2 2 months 3 weeks
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Dragons Attack! Poetry, lyrics only, dragons, silly winnerChandra83 2 2 months 3 weeks
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Chicken Tournedo barbershop, acapella, silly Donatedwinnermetalfoot 4 2 months 3 weeks
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Monsters Poetry, lyrics only, monsters, silly winnerChandra83 1 2 months 3 weeks
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Demo Slacking Off silly, death by a 1000 puns, twang, one take acoustic, slackchat Donatedwinnermetalfoot Stephen Wordsmith 6 3 months 3 days
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Demo Liberace in L.A. on LSD mandolin, silly Donatedwinnermike skliar 7 3 months 1 week
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Demo Two feet and one sock Funny, fun, silly Donatedwinnermike skliar 5 3 months 1 week
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In My Own House fun, silly, shortish, collab welcome starsinmyeyes 2 3 months 1 week
iveg's picture
link Arrowroot (DEMO Aug 11) knight, gluten, Uptempo, Dorian, silly winneriveg 4 3 months 2 weeks
mike skliar's picture
Demo Don't moon the moon superskirmish, moon, swimming, silly Donatedwinnermike skliar 7 3 months 2 weeks
katpiercemusic's picture
video Inspirobot Challenge inspirobot, apocalypse, silly, Electronica Donatedkatpiercemusic 4 3 months 2 weeks
MichaelEpic's picture
link Louisiana Slide dance pop, rapchat, rap, silly MichaelEpic 5 3 months 2 weeks
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Demo Folksinger Disco skirmish, skirmishJ26a, abba-unplugged, silly DonatedScubed 2 3 months 3 weeks
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Demo The Pool acoustic, silly, short Donatedwinnermetalfoot 6 4 months 23 hours
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Demo Raindrops children, rain, guitar, silly Donatedwinnermetalfoot 6 4 months 2 days
kc5's picture
Demo Bub Bull Spaghetti western, silly, gum slinger kc5 metalfoot 8 4 months 2 days
bithprod's picture
A Disney Story rap, silly, sarcastic bithprod 3 4 months 2 weeks
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Camouflage silly winnerStephen Wordsmith 9 4 months 2 weeks
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Demo Beg in Ing skirmish1, skirmish, silly Donatedplainwhitetoast 12 4 months 2 weeks