Songs tagged silly

Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
kahlo2013's picture
Topless Water Aerobics silly, stupid, partially true winnerkahlo2013 4 5 months 4 weeks
helen's picture
Demo Politeness keeps on getting better silly, Skirmish, superskirmish Donatedhelen 3 5 months 4 weeks
JaneG's picture
The Rat Who Would Be Squirrel silly, animal JaneG 1 5 months 4 weeks
Valerie Cox's picture
Stupid Song Acoustic, hand percussion, silly, stupid DonatedwinnerValerie Cox 2 6 months 1 hour
Valerie Cox's picture
Fondue Wishes silly, food DonatedwinnerValerie Cox 7 6 months 1 week
room101's picture
Don't run dressed simple, silly, one verse room101 2 6 months 1 week
Billy Sea's picture
Demo Fat Keeps The Wrinkles Away fat, wrinkles, silly DonatedwinnerBilly Sea 2 6 months 1 week
Billy Sea's picture
Demo What I Did There silly, nonsensical, marching towards 50 DonatedwinnerBilly Sea 1 6 months 1 week
Billy Sea's picture
Demo Me and My Little Song silly DonatedwinnerBilly Sea 2 6 months 2 weeks
kc5's picture
link Napnay Burpnay silly, short song challenge, a capella kc5 5 6 months 3 weeks
kahlo2013's picture
Waiting On The Cable Guy country, silly, Needs music and vocals winnerkahlo2013 3 6 months 3 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Demo Pancakes silly, kids Donatedwinnermetalfoot 10 7 months 1 week
Mt.Mélodie's picture
link Sine Nomine electronic, drummachine is drunk on coffee, instrumental, silly DonatedMt.Mélodie 3 7 months 1 week
mike skliar's picture
Demo Kitchen improv improv, one-take, silly Donatedmike skliar 5 7 months 3 weeks
mike skliar's picture
Demo Invigorated Solvent Week5, week5challenge, random words, silly, fun Donatedmike skliar 6 7 months 3 weeks
Tasha Parker Gibbs's picture

With these legs NSFW, legs, rap, hip hop, silly DonatedwinnerTasha Parker Gibbs 4 8 months 12 hours
reklov's picture
link Kangaroo Week4, silly, singalong reklov 2 8 months 2 days
ZsuzsaDoe's picture
link Virgo On The Wire sky, challenge, silly, ukulele ZsuzsaDoe 7 8 months 1 week
PhilKMills's picture
Old-man Eyebrows parody, silly DonatedPhilKMills 3 8 months 1 week
corinne54's picture
I've Had it With Work Today silly, humor, Garageband Donatedcorinne54 5 8 months 1 week
metalfoot's picture
Demo Aloysius Week2, 30 seconds, silly Donatedwinnermetalfoot 7 8 months 2 weeks
the pannacotta army's picture
Demo Said Father To Kate jazz, blues, Pop, silly the pannacotta army Stephen Wordsmith 18 8 months 2 weeks
Tasha Parker Gibbs's picture
Just keep scrollin' silly DonatedwinnerTasha Parker Gibbs 8 8 months 3 weeks
Wackamoose's picture
link Monkeys Vs. Weasels silly Wackamoose 1 8 months 3 weeks
reklov's picture
link Mallorca singalong, schlager, silly reklov 11 8 months 3 weeks