Songs tagged short

Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
alyxanderjames's picture
Demo Ice Cream Truck creepy, Folk, Acoustic, guitar, short Donatedalyxanderjames zong 1 hour 14 min
cleanshoes's picture
link Losers Folk, singer-songwriter, short, week11, nonet cleanshoes 10 1 day 22 hours
wobbie wobbit's picture
Demo Inner Censor Shutdown nonet, Acoustic, short, 30-second song Donatedwobbie wobbit 19 1 week 1 day
Dragondreams's picture
A ripple in the mind's eye instrumental, plank-spanking, short, chair yoga DonatedDragondreams 4 1 week 2 days
Candle's picture
Dirty Theme Theme, short, Remix, Jeskola Buzz winnerCandle 3 1 week 6 days
billwhite51's picture
link Hell is the Loveliest Place Week 10 - Place Name, Hell, short winnerbillwhite51 8 2 weeks 23 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Doo Doo be Doo silly song, sing along, short Donatedkatpiercemusic 4 2 weeks 2 days
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
link Strawberry Bullet love songs, strawberries, short winnerTechnicolor Gra... 7 2 weeks 6 days
katpiercemusic's picture
video Hopscotch Betty children's song, short, teacher life Donatedkatpiercemusic 5 3 weeks 1 day
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Forest Blue piano, short Donatedkatpiercemusic 6 3 weeks 2 days
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
link Trixie Evans weird, short winnerTechnicolor Gra... 6 3 weeks 5 days
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
link Your Loch Monster short, surrealadelica winnerTechnicolor Gra... 6 4 weeks 1 day
billwhite51's picture
link Mermaid Ballerina a capella, short winnerbillwhite51 10 1 month 1 day
cola's picture
Demo Tactics Lesson march, instrumental, loop, short, Discover Donatedcola 5 1 month 5 days
Kurtis Kanttila's picture
link Atmosphere Re: Entry (Outro) short, Outro, MovieSample DonatedKurtis Kanttila 6 1 month 1 week
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
link Falling Fronds (Mr Palm Tree) acapella, short, weird winnerTechnicolor Gra... 4 1 month 2 weeks
billwhite51's picture
link Dirt Poor Country, bluegrass, short, mom and dad winnerbillwhite51 cindyrella 14 1 month 2 weeks
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
Things I Saw On My Walk short, somewhat weird winnerTechnicolor Gra... 5 1 month 3 weeks
fresh spotless youth's picture
link I Hear You're Writing a Pop Song Rock, Songwriting, short Donatedfresh spotless youth 14 2 months 8 hours
TomS's picture
link Mystic Music short, Utility TomS 8 2 months 2 days
billwhite51's picture
link One Friend Folk, short winnerbillwhite51 12 2 months 2 days
Powerstars's picture
link Exercises for Relieving Upper Back Pain piano, sad, ballad, short Powerstars 8 2 months 6 days
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Wear a Mask mask, ukulele, short Donatedkatpiercemusic 8 2 months 2 weeks
metalfoot's picture
Demo The Fluorescent Light Song improv, silly, short, one-take-acoustic, mundanity Donatedwinnermetalfoot 11 2 months 2 weeks
TomS's picture
link Hash This Out Like Friends short, fuzz TomS 8 2 months 2 weeks
Vom Vorton's picture
Demo I Had It Coming noisy, indiepop, short DonatedVom Vorton 16 2 months 2 weeks