Songs tagged One take

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Valerie Cox's picture
Demo Hoʻoponopono guitar, acoustic, One take DonatedValerie Cox 4 13 hours 28 min
AndyGetch's picture
Demo I’m Still Here_Louie’s Song 12 string guitar, One take, electric cars DonatedAndyGetch 2 3 days 12 hours
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Demo Best I Can acoustic, One take, country, dollar, skirmish, songskirmish, feast Donatedtcelliott 11 4 days 17 hours
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Demo The Ways I Mistreated You acoustic, One take, country Donatedtcelliott 2 6 days 1 hour
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Demo Toilet Paper Math acoustic, One take, toilet paper, Humor, Funny Donatedtcelliott 5 6 days 15 hours
CorinneLucy's picture
Demo I Missed The Point Folk, One take, girl with guitar, acoustic DonatedCorinneLucy 5 1 week 4 days
tcelliott's picture
Demo Gone Away acoustic, One take, loss, suicide Donatedtcelliott 5 2 weeks 3 days
tcelliott's picture
Demo Make It Alright acoustic, One take, loss, death Donatedtcelliott 6 2 weeks 4 days
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Demo If only... Plank-spanking, Chair Yoga, guitar synth, improv, One take, angry-sad, loss, heartbreak DonatedDragondreams 8 2 weeks 5 days
coreystewart's picture
Cherished piano and voice, One take, spiritual, life and death Donatedcoreystewart cindyrella 13 2 weeks 6 days
pokerowan's picture
link Let It Happen acoustic, One take, Folk Donatedpokerowan 4 1 month 1 day
kahlo2013's picture
Demo Fly With The Breeze skirmish, girl with ukulele, One take, rough iPhone demo winnerkahlo2013 9 1 month 2 days
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link Missing Out On Something Good jazz, nujazz, One take, girl with guitar DonatedJibbidy34 11 1 month 2 days
aricate's picture
link Diamond women who rock, girls with guitars, Diamond Song Prompt, One take, Folk, R&B, acoustic aricate 8 1 month 3 days
Jibbidy34's picture
link Do All That I've Done (And Then Judge Me) Country blues, blues, singer songwriter, One take, girl with guitar DonatedJibbidy34 NoBackupPlan 6 1 month 5 days
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link Live Your Best Life Now collab, country, life, girl with guitar, One take DonatedJibbidy34 NoBackupPlan 13 1 month 1 week
3tdoan's picture
video Butterfly delicate, harmonics, acoustic, baritone ukulele, One take, Satie Donated3tdoan 15 1 month 2 weeks
GRM's picture
link Away I Go Blues Country, blues, country, Folk, acoustic, One take GRM 2 1 month 2 weeks