Songs tagged love song

Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
LyricSlinger's picture
Tendered Up By Love quirky, love song DonatedwinnerLyricSlinger 2 4 months 2 days
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link What I Love About You love song, Girl with guitar winnercolgoo 2 4 months 4 days
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Demo Guiding Spirit (from the frying pan to the ice) skirmish, fryingpan, love song, tuesday night music club, Tuesdaychat Donatedwinnermike skliar 10 4 months 1 week
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link Dad's DDT love song winnerThe Farmyard Or... 2 4 months 1 week
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link Heartfelt love song, collab, Girl with guitar, acoustic one take winnercolgoo crisp1 5 4 months 2 weeks
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300 Days collab, NRE, love song winnercolgoo greengrassgirl 12 4 months 3 weeks
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link Thoughts of Love collaboration, love song winnercolgoo LyricSlinger 6 4 months 3 weeks
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link When There's Two Of Us love song, alt-pop, simple distorted guitar, repetitive drums DonatedwinnerHypnotist 5 5 months 3 days
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Demo I Am An Idiot (Laugh At Me) love song, not completely new Donatedwinnersplittybooms 8 5 months 4 days
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Demo Beloved skirmish, songskirmish, s082221, feast, beloved piano, instrumental, love song DonatedwinnerRoddy 11 5 months 1 week
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link Heart 80s pop, harmony, love song, under 3 mins DonatedwinnerHypnotist McTown, davidtaro 9 5 months 1 week
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link Heart 80s pop, harmony, love song, under 3 mins DonatedwinnerHypnotist McTown, davidtaro 9 5 months 1 week
wacha's picture
Demo Through It All ballad, quitalele, skirmish, feast, weird wednesday, love song Donatedwinnerwacha 8 5 months 1 week
The Farmyard Orchestra's picture
link Farmer's Flirt love song, age-gap rap, old-fool bop, Bach-on-the-beach winnerThe Farmyard Or... 1 5 months 2 weeks
Roddy's picture
Demo Roots of love piano, instrumental, Improvisation, love song DonatedwinnerRoddy 7 5 months 2 weeks
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link Just for you love song Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 8 5 months 3 weeks
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link Rituals of You week4, collab, love song winnercolgoo kahlo 13 5 months 3 weeks
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Demo Little Song ukulele, love song srcoops Chip Withrow 4 5 months 3 weeks
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Demo Everyone Loves McQ mandolin, 2-part, love song Donateddarcistrutt 7 6 months 3 days
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link Compartmentalize acoustic, demo, love song, mental health, raising kids, dating in your 30s DonatedVictoria Brooks 2 6 months 3 days
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Demo She's Alright skirmish, songskirmish, s072121, feast, happy-song, ukulele, love song, chronic illness Donatedwinnerwacha 10 6 months 3 days
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Deep Down love song, break up, country, folk, sad, poignant, wistful ChariotBaldwin 2 6 months 6 days
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link The Sweetness And The Fire laid back groove, love song, sensual pop Donatedcoreystewart cindyrella 6 6 months 1 week
Roddy's picture
Demo Sometimes it's the blueberries love song, piano DonatedwinnerRoddy cindyrella 7 6 months 1 week
simpleiscomplex's picture
link Close Celtic, love song, queer, not about Coronavirus simpleiscomplex 1 6 months 2 weeks
Candle's picture
Only Your Arms Alt Rock, Alternative, love song, Week 2, Improvisation, Live-To-Tape, Jeskola Buzz DonatedwinnerCandle 5 6 months 2 weeks
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link Feelings Felt acoustic, harmonies, love song Donatedpokerowan 6 6 months 3 weeks
Donna Devine's picture
Start All Over reflective, love song, singer-songwriter, maybe-pop-ballad? DonatedDonna Devine 6 6 months 3 weeks