Songs tagged jazzy

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Demo Whisper jazzy, mellow, acoustic one-take DonatedAdnama17 6 7 months 3 weeks
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Demo Break Up Already jazzy, Week6, Slow, Ballad ampersandman 9 7 months 2 weeks
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Demo I'll Never Find Another You jazzy, groovy, love song Donatedwinnercoreystewart 1 6 months 1 week
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Demo Ghosted Again jazzy, Piano, guitar, one take vox Donatedwinneredsmaron 3 6 months 2 weeks
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Demo For Walter Instrumental, jazzy, Tribute, Steely Dan, RIP Walter Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 3 6 months 2 weeks
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Demo Cross the Line (Demo Added 8/8) jazzy, Piano, fun, romantic fling thing winnerkahlo2013 hazeyjohnii 8 7 months 2 weeks
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She Feeds My Love Food, love, jazzy, lesbian winnerkahlo2013 4 7 months 3 weeks
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Demo OCTOBER WALTZES IN guitar waltz, jazzy, Instrumental winnerlowhum 1 5 months 3 weeks
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link INNER CHOICES jazzy, e-percussion, existential, chordy, Week5 winnerlowhum 2 7 months 1 week
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Demo Lazy mandolin, whistling, groovy, jazzy Donatedwinnermetalfoot 3 7 months 16 hours
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Demo Early July Heat jazzy, Pop, quick-take Donatedwinnermike skliar 9 8 months 2 weeks
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Demo History gets repeated jazzy, vaguely political Donatedwinnermike skliar 4 6 months 3 weeks
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link We Used To Grow Raspberries skirmishA12a, skirmish, raspberries, nostalgic, jazzy, collaborations welcome winnermusicsongwriter 7 7 months 1 week
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link Katja swing, jazzy, catblues winnerreklov 4 8 months 2 weeks
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Demo Ups and downs Piano, Instrumental, jazzy DonatedRoddy 6 7 months 3 weeks
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Demo ukulele road trip ukulele, FUC, Instrumental, jazz, jazzy DonatedRoddy 4 7 months 4 weeks
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Demo Jazzy Friday Piano, Instrumental, jazzy DonatedRoddy 6 7 months 3 weeks
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Demo Autumn Piano Stroll 2017 Piano, Instrumental, jazzy, garageband drummer DonatedRoddy 2 5 months 3 weeks
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The Ends #megasuperskirmish, #msskirmishS29a, #theend, THE END, msskirmishS29a, megasuperskirmish, skirmish, songskirmish, theend, msskirmishO1y, trumpet, body percussion, vocal harmonies, 2 part harmony, jazzy, phone call, Silence, a capella Donatedwinnersimpleiscomplex 3 5 months 3 weeks
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link Not Yours - Run Faster jazzy, indie, Changeup, fun, relationships Unkept 3 8 months 1 week