Songs tagged jazz

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Something to Give jazz, lyrics only needs music acapellastutter 1 2 hours 42 min
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Demo Submerging jazz, keys, love Donatedwinnerkahlo2013 nancyrost 3 2 days 19 hours
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link Same Moon (vocal) jazz, lounge, musicals, lo-fi, one-shot, unplugged, live DonatedTim Fatchen tsunamidaily 5 5 days 7 hours
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video Why is it Oh So Quiet in Here? bass, improvisation, onetake, jazz, rock, Instrumental, FAWM, 5090 Edward Roussac 2 5 days 9 hours
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video B Locrian modal, jazz, keyboard, midi, church organ, improvisation, odd time signature Edward Roussac 1 6 days 10 hours
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video A Aeolian modal, jazz, classical, organ, keyboard, midi Edward Roussac 1 1 week 9 hours
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video F Lydian Piano, New Age, modal, jazz, improvisation, onetake Edward Roussac 1 1 week 4 days
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Time for another Prime Minister politics, funny sarcasm, jazz, Upbeat winnerChariotBaldwin 1 1 week 4 days
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video D Dorian modal, jazz, Piano, improvisation, odd time signature Edward Roussac zong 2 weeks 11 hours
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video C Ionian modal, improvisation, Piano, classical, jazz, New Age, Instrumental Edward Roussac 1 2 weeks 12 hours
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link I Know Nothing swing, jazz winnerJibbidy34 NoBackupPlan 6 2 weeks 3 days
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That Gal Sal jazz winnercindyrella 3 2 weeks 6 days
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Demo 5 to 12 randomcollab, jazz, lounge the pannacotta army lowhum 8 3 weeks 1 day
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Demo In That Moment skirmish, ss082618g, acoustic, jazz DonatedJWHanberry 5 3 weeks 2 days
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Demo Basement Scene jazz mark 4 1 month 4 days
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Hey Now jazz, sloppy jazz, herbie hancock, joe sample, george duke, grover washington jr Donatedsplittybooms 9 1 month 1 week
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link Sing With Me swing, croon, jazz winnerJibbidy34 NoBackupPlan 3 1 month 2 weeks
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Of a Broken Heart jazz, blues, lost love winnercindyrella 2 1 month 2 weeks
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video After Hours (at the Bar) keyboard, jazz, Instrumental Edward Roussac 5 1 month 2 weeks
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Demo Those cRAZY People jazz DonatedTheTau 8 1 month 2 weeks
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Demo Know collab, jazz, jazzy, Piano, Ballad love song DonatedRoddy dsweidel 7 1 month 3 weeks
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Demo Greener jazz, lounge, BIAB DonatedValerie Cox 12 1 month 3 weeks
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link Vacate the Space jazz, flute, guitar, vocal winnerbillwhite51 7 1 month 3 weeks
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video Maybe That Girl BIAB, Band In A Box, bossa nova, jazz Jerry Pettit 12 1 month 3 weeks
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link Leave it by the side of the road jazz, lounge, inspire, keep the faith, let it be DonatedTim Fatchen AprilM 8 1 month 3 weeks
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So Naturally jazz, Shuffle, humour, love song, lyrics-only, collabs welcome, open to collabs, collabs, collaboration DonatedKlaus 11 1 month 3 weeks
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Chance meeting jazz Donatedpearlmanhattan 1 1 month 4 weeks
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link Privialedge Piano, casio, privia, angst, jazz, neoclassical, one-take, improvisation DonatedTim Fatchen 8 2 months 4 days
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Demo Laetitia Pulls My Daisy Up jazz, blues, improvisation, ecological Silver Machine 6 2 months 5 days
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link Not Tomatoes Cakewalk Piano, solo, jazz, cakewalk, bright, short songs DonatedTim Fatchen 5 2 months 6 days
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link Never Had a Chance -- piano backing jazz, jazz-blues, Piano, male, vocal DonatedTim Fatchen oneslowtyper 7 2 months 1 week
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Obvious jazz winnercindyrella 6 2 months 1 week
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A little love pseudo-jazz-standard, jazz, Ballad Donated3tdoan 16 2 months 1 week
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Demo Cool Cat Pop, indie rock, jazz talking dogs 6 2 months 2 weeks
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Demo Champagne funk, jazz, Instrumental mark 4 2 months 2 weeks