Songs tagged funk

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the toop's picture
link Funkadelicious funk, delicious, mild prog, fusion, FM synthesis, FM synth, odd time sigs, odd time signatures, sus chords the toop 5 1 day 15 hours
splittybooms's picture
Demo Money #s081819a, skirmish, songskirmish, feast, funk, R&B Donatedsplittybooms 14 4 days 16 hours
JWHanberry's picture
Demo Scratch skirmish, s081819a, down tempo, funk DonatedJWHanberry 12 4 days 16 hours
mike skliar's picture
Demo Good people doing nothing (a death worse then fate) collab, blues, rap, funk, political, Protest, Folk Donatedmike skliar g2slade 3 1 week 5 days
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
video Sit on the Stoop funk, collab Technicolor Gra... 6 2 weeks 1 day
David Hendricks's picture
link Karl Hungus Rides Again 70's funk, seventies, funk, chill David Hendricks 4 2 weeks 6 days
Edward Roussac's picture
video One Minute Track #10 funk, blues, rock, bass, guitar, Piano, Garageband, garageband drummer Edward Roussac 5 3 weeks 1 day
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Tiny Robots Instrumental, soundtrack, cinematics, Prog, funk, e-bow, guitar, 9-string guitar, V collection Donatedheadfirstonly 7 3 weeks 3 days
coreystewart's picture
Love Is Easy funk, love song, funky, Dance, Disco-ish Donatedcoreystewart Amanda West 8 3 weeks 4 days
Dragondreams's picture
Demo Sunday Sire Jam bass, slap, funk, stems, open for collab or remix, collab, help yourself DonatedDragondreams 5 1 month 2 days
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Ass Moon ukulele, moon, funk DonatedChip Withrow 6 1 month 4 days
Amanda West's picture
Demo Funk Into The Heat funk, Dance, rhythm, lyrics only DonatedAmanda West coreystewart 4 1 month 4 days
TJF_Afterdark's picture
THIGH CREME DESIRE 80s pop, funk, spoken-word, sexy voice TJF_Afterdark cts 8 1 month 1 week
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Tic-Tac funk, Instrumental, reverb, Arturia ARP2600, guitar, bass Donatedheadfirstonly 5 1 month 1 week
splittybooms's picture
Demo Ham Hocks funk, old school, old school DJ, groovy Donatedsplittybooms 11 1 month 2 weeks
cts's picture
Demo Horror Stories Pop, funk, Allegory Weirdness Donatedcts 24 1 month 2 weeks
Matt Rivers's picture
link A Little Bit More Pop, Dance, funk, Soul Matt Rivers 11 1 month 2 weeks