Songs tagged Folk

Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
Liz_Frencham's picture
link Secret Passage Acoustic, BIAB, Folk Liz_Frencham 11 16 hours 45 min
the pannacotta army's picture
Convenient Trap Folk, singer-songwriter, Acoustic, Fingerpicking the pannacotta army 5 18 hours 53 min
Jackketch's picture
link Jack Ketch week1, blues, Folk Jackketch 5 1 day 6 hours
Amanda Rose Riley's picture
Hey Little Bookworm children's song, Acoustic, acoustic one take, Folk, quirky Amanda Rose Riley 3 1 day 15 hours
cleanshoes's picture
link Red and Gold ukulele, Folk, singer-songwriter cleanshoes 13 2 days 15 hours
Calum Carlyle's picture
Demo I Can't Hear You Folk, Mandola, xaphoon, Acoustic, week1 Calum Carlyle 3 2 days 19 hours
IA's picture
Demo Enough Is Not Enough Acoustic, protest, Folk, revolt, rebellion, guitar, vocals DonatedIA 7 3 days 8 min
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu sing-along, mantra, Sanskrit, Folk DonatedChip Withrow 4 3 days 1 hour
john crossman's picture
Demo Too Much Time On My Mind week1, Folk, blues Donatedjohn crossman 11 3 days 12 hours
ant lion's picture
link sugarsnap Acoustic, Folk, one-take, acoustic-one-take ant lion 5 3 days 15 hours
pokerowan's picture
link I Wish You Were Here Acoustic, harmonies, Folk Donatedpokerowan 3 4 days 17 hours
ductapeguy's picture
Demo Wasn't it Fun (now with 100% more ukulele) collab, guy-with-ukulele, Folk, fuc, Acoustic-OneTake ductapeguy Stephen Wordsmith 14 4 days 17 hours
kahlo2013's picture
My Home Town Nostalgic, Folk, Americana. memories, small town, needs-music, collaboration desired kahlo2013 4 4 days 18 hours
kahlo2013's picture
Where My Road Always Ends (Lake Superior beach) Sundayskirmish, skirmish, beach, Folk, Nature, needs-music, collaboration desired kahlo2013 10 4 days 19 hours
johnstaples's picture
Demo The Night We Lost John Prine Folk, John Prine Donatedjohnstaples 11 4 days 20 hours
mike skliar's picture
Stop me if you heard this before Folk, Rock, harmonica, political, Independence Day, week1 Donatedmike skliar 24 5 days 19 hours
cindyrella's picture
This Independence Day Independence Day, Folk cindyrella 6 5 days 22 hours