Songs tagged fairytale

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Growl Poetry, lyrics only, fairytale, wolves winnerChandra83 2 5 months 2 weeks
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Further Poetry, lyrics only, fairytale, wods, rain, assassin winnerChandra83 2 5 months 3 weeks
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link Dreaming of Fairy Tales super_skirmish, skirmish, fairytale, acoustic piano, collaborations welcome winnermusicsongwriter 7 5 months 3 weeks
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Cinderella or Cindyrella skirmish, superskirmish, SSS4c19, fairytale winnercindyrella 8 5 months 3 weeks
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Lemon Strudel skirmish, superskirmish, SSS4c19, fairytale, strudel, cyclone cycle, songskirmish Donatedwinnersimpleiscomplex 5 5 months 3 weeks
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House of Strudel SSS4c19, fairytale, skirmish, superskirmish, songskirmish Donatedbarbara 9 5 months 3 weeks
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Demo A Fairy Tale skirmish, superskirmish, SSS4c19, fairytale, tin whistle, partial capo Donatedwinnermetalfoot 10 5 months 3 weeks
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Demo Fairy Tails skirmish, superskirmish, SSS4c19, fairytale, Folk, Americana Donatedjohnstaples 11 5 months 3 weeks
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Demo Lemon Strudel (Fairy Tale) crapcapella, skirmish, superskirmish, SSS4c19, fairytale winneryam655 7 5 months 3 weeks
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Demo A Brush With Fairy skirmish, superskirmish, SSS4c19, fairytale Donatedwinnertcelliott 9 5 months 3 weeks
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Slain lyrics only, skirmish, fairytale, superskirmish, SSS4c19 winnerChandra83 8 5 months 3 weeks
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link Tumnus Faun, Narnia, recorder, mellotron, fairytale winnerreklov 2 6 months 2 weeks
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Keep Poetry, lyrics-only, fairytale, forest, night, winter winnerChandra83 2 6 months 3 weeks
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The Queen Poetry, lyrics-only, fairytale, fate, monarchy winnerChandra83 1 6 months 3 weeks
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My Pack Poetry, spoken-word, lyrics-only, fairytale, wolves winnerChandra83 1 6 months 4 weeks
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link The Forest Home (A Gathering) fairytale, Folk, story, Week1 BranCerddorion 3 7 months 3 weeks