Songs tagged death

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Epitaph death, abuse, depression Donatedcolgoo 3 7 months 3 weeks
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I'll Die Soon, If You Don't Kill Me First despair, desperation, terror, horror, abuse, vampire, vampires, death, true story winnersimpleiscomplex 1 8 months 3 days
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Now There's Nothing Poetry, death, suicide, bloody DonatedwinnerChandra83 3 8 months 1 week
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This Passing Poetry, death, bloody DonatedwinnerChandra83 1 8 months 1 week
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Accepting Poetry, life, death, grief DonatedwinnerChandra83 1 9 months 14 hours
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Everything Must Go friendship, death, bittersweet, wabi-sabi DonatedCorinneLucy 4 9 months 4 days
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Please Tell Me Why suicide, death, last moments, depression, illness Donatedwriteandwrong 8 9 months 1 week
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If I Woke Up Dead Tomorrow lyrics only, dark poetry, death DonatedwinnerAdnama17 4 9 months 1 week
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Just a Body Poetry, death, Dark DonatedwinnerChandra83 2 9 months 2 weeks
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Demo Believe The Rain acoustic, One take, room recording, death Donatedwinnertcelliott 7 9 months 2 weeks
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link She Never Wanted To Go To the Party punk, pop-punk, straightedge, morph1, melodramatic, drugs, death winnersimpleiscomplex 4 9 months 3 weeks
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Demo I Can't Tell You acoustic, room recording, death Donatedwinnertcelliott 4 9 months 3 weeks
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link Just Holding On (A Song For Grandpa) one take acoustic, singer songwriter, death brandondale_72 9 9 months 4 weeks
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Brother Brother, death, grief, survival, legacy winnerChariotBaldwin 2 9 months 4 weeks
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Loss Poetry, spoken-word, lyrics-only, death DonatedwinnerChandra83 1 9 months 4 weeks
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Demo Sweet Evening Piano, death DonatedValerie Cox helen 9 10 months 3 days
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Dust and Bones Poetry, lyrics-only, horror, death DonatedwinnerChandra83 2 10 months 1 week
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Demo Haunting Her Own Funeral death, Piano, workaholic Donatedwinnerlittlespiral 12 10 months 2 weeks
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Major Arcana power-pop, tarot, death, harmonies, guitar, Songfight Donatedowl 21 10 months 3 weeks
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Never Stopping Poetry, lyrics-only, blood, death, horrror DonatedwinnerChandra83 1 10 months 3 weeks
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Shadows Near Poetry, lyrics-only, death DonatedwinnerChandra83 7 10 months 3 weeks