Songs tagged Dark

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link Pocket Full Of Bones [UJN X REVE] Dark, circus, guitar solo ujnhunter 5 3 months 3 weeks
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Under the Dirt Dark, death winnercindyrella 2 4 months 3 days
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Alone In The Moonlight gloomy, indie, Dark DonatedMt.Mélodie metalfoot 4 4 months 4 days
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Demo A MInor Ballad acoustic, minor key, harmonica, Ballad, Family, Dark DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 7 4 months 1 week
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video Amy Blue Dark, self-harm, baritone ukulele Donated3tdoan 5 4 months 4 weeks
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Dolls Dark, eerie winnercindyrella 4 5 months 1 day
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Land of the Dead Poetry, Dark, death, depression DonatedwinnerChandra83 4 5 months 3 days
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Demo Morning Came Again collab, rock, singer-songwriter, Dark, depression Donatedwinnertcelliott Adnama17 11 5 months 4 days
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Caught in between Dark, self esteem, angst, forgotten, tragic, lost soul, melancholy glyne3 Steven Davies 1 5 months 6 days
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One Less Poetry, Dark, death DonatedwinnerChandra83 1 5 months 1 week
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video Heaven's dismissed lyricloud, rock, Dark, obliquely political Donated3tdoan 4 5 months 1 week
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Storm Clouds Dark, suicide winnercindyrella 4 5 months 2 weeks
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In The Morning Light Dark, infidelity, needs music winnerkahlo2013 4 5 months 3 weeks
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Spider With No Web Dark, Folk winnercindyrella 4 5 months 3 weeks
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Demo Shallow Dive Dark, banjo, guitar Donatedpfoo 8 5 months 4 weeks
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Demo Palisades Bone Sack eccentric, Dark, carnival, trumpet Donatedwinnerkatpiercemusic 7 6 months 1 week
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Breakdown Dark winnercindyrella 4 6 months 1 week
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With This Knife death, bloody, Dark DonatedwinnerChandra83 1 6 months 1 week
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The Abyss Dark, rock winnercindyrella 4 6 months 2 weeks
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Her river lyrics only, Dark, lust, collab wanted, make vox wanted DonatedAcousticmaddie 11 6 months 2 weeks
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The night Satan bleet BDSM, Dark, acoustic horror, sex, erotic, whip, acousticpeople, guitalele, girl with guitalele, storytelling, acousticgirl, nylon strings DonatedAcousticmaddie 6 6 months 2 weeks
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Demo Lying In Your Bed Alone Dark, industrial, moody, numanesque Donatedwinnercoreystewart 9 6 months 2 weeks