Songs tagged collab

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Back Home collab, whistling, Country/Folk Donatedmetalfoot cindyrella 4 2 days 7 hours
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Demo Sunday Sire Jam bass, slap, funk, stems, open for collab or remix, collab, help yourself DonatedDragondreams 3 2 days 13 hours
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Demo Beaten Down (I Did It To Myself) acoustic, one-take, collab, collaboration Donatedtcelliott DeannaSweidel 6 2 days 15 hours
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link Action Plan (formerly known as 6 Month Plan) country, collab DonatedDeannaSweidel NoBackupPlan 3 3 days 13 hours
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Demo Endless Thoughts pain, introspective, collab DonatedAmanda West metalfoot 5 4 days 6 hours
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Demo A SHOT OF YOU collab, one-take, rock-n-roll lowhum kahlo2013 5 5 days 4 hours
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link I Mean What I Say collab, rock, indie rock, alt, alternative, loud, attitude DonatedAmanda West Steven Wesley Guiles 6 5 days 5 hours
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link Comfortable Silence country, onetake, girl with guitar, collab DonatedJibbidy34 NoBackupPlan 6 5 days 15 hours
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link Live Your Best Life Now collab, country, life, girl with guitar, One take DonatedJibbidy34 NoBackupPlan 13 1 week 4 days
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video The Abyss collab, acoustic guitar, girl with guitar, death, #acoustic, dreams, triangle, nightmare, horror, girl-with.guitar, nylon string DonatedAcousticmaddie cindyrella 10 2 weeks 7 hours
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link Don't Rock My World rock, indie, feast, skirmish, Break Up, s070719a, collab, FKOD DonatedAmanda West Steven Wesley Guiles 8 2 weeks 1 day
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Sapphire Life indie folk, Folk, indie alternative, alternative, love, depression, break-up, collab DonatedAmanda West 10 2 weeks 1 day
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Demo Dark Clouds skirmish, storm, Stormy Night, ss070519a, depression, fear, frustration, collab DonatedAmanda West helen 9 2 weeks 2 days
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Demo A summer day in the 1960's collab, Folk, Protest, collaboration Donatedmike skliar crisp1 7 2 weeks 2 days
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link One Day Our Ship Will Come In country song, guitar, girl with guitar, acoustic one take, collab DonatedJibbidy34 NoBackupPlan 15 2 weeks 5 days
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Beaten Down needs music, collab, lyrics only DonatedDeannaSweidel 9 2 weeks 6 days