Songs tagged blues

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Edward Roussac's picture
My Plans Don't Come to Fruition (2020 rerecording) Rock, blues, guy with piano, electric guitar, bass, drums Edward Roussac 2 12 hours 7 min
Jackketch's picture
link They're Gonna Put The Blame On You Agit-garage rock, blues, funky punk Jackketch 4 1 day 8 hours
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Blues for Shiva Warrior, blues, Acoustic, 12 bar DonatedChip Withrow 4 1 day 19 hours
john crossman's picture
Demo Unadored lazy, Folk, blues Donatedjohn crossman 5 1 day 21 hours
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Went Down to the Mill Creek 12 bar, blues, Acoustic DonatedChip Withrow 6 2 days 2 hours
mike skliar's picture
Demo Pastrami Queen- opening theme instrumental, blues, quick Donatedmike skliar 5 2 days 15 hours
JWHanberry's picture
Inconvenient ss071020d, blues, odd-meter DonatedJWHanberry 3 2 days 15 hours
Tim Fatchen's picture
link Small Hours Noodles piano, blues, instrumental DonatedTim Fatchen 7 3 days 8 hours
glyne3's picture
I lied blues glyne3 Steven Davies 2 4 days 5 hours
Jackketch's picture
link Jack Ketch week1, blues, Folk Jackketch 6 4 days 10 hours
the pannacotta army's picture
link Break It blues, jazz, Acoustic the pannacotta army Stephen Wordsmith 16 4 days 10 hours
metalfoot's picture
Rebreak My Heart collab, Acoustic, Country, blues Donatedmetalfoot DeannaSweidel 13 5 days 30 min
Bunter's picture
Demo Jacomo Joe's blues, Humour, Bad behaviour DonatedBunter 3 5 days 23 hours
john crossman's picture
Demo Too Much Time On My Mind week1, Folk, blues Donatedjohn crossman 14 6 days 16 hours
TheTau's picture
link Same old Blues blues, 12 bar, organ, Key change, needs collab, looking for the Blues DonatedTheTau 8 6 days 22 hours
lowhum's picture
Demo HOW TO EXPLODE acoustic-one-take, swing, blues, existential lowhum 7 6 days 23 hours
Candle's picture
Demo Anthocyanin instrumental, blues, Jeskola Buzz Candle 5 1 week 2 hours
TheTau's picture
link Blue Wow blues, harmonica, electric piano. Looking for the Blues DonatedTheTau 6 1 week 19 hours
otagoseaburial's picture
Light Duties [FT] blues, country blues, travelling blues band otagoseaburial Tim Fatchen 11 1 week 2 days