Songs tagged Ballad

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link Sunday Serenade banjo, stratocaster, garageband drummer, finger picking, Ballad Jillington zong 5 hours 18 min
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link Don't be afraid Ballad marthienel 5 1 day 4 hours
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link Dear Mr president inspirobot, acoustic, girl with guitar, war, Ballad, folk ballad, acoustic guitar, onetake, One take, one-take DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 5 2 days 3 hours
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Demo Just Gonna Go Away rock, Ballad DonatedValerie Cox 11 2 days 10 hours
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link Song Stuck in my head Ballad marthienel cindyrella 3 4 days 22 hours
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Demo Two Sides To Every Story Ambient, break up song, Ballad Donatedcoreystewart 3 5 days 6 hours
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Demo You And I love song, Piano, Ballad Donatedcoreystewart 4 6 days 8 hours
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link Helen's Bench Ballad marthienel kahlo2013 3 6 days 21 hours
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link Forever Ballad marthienel Arthur Rossi 4 1 week 5 hours
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A Statue of The Virgin Mary singer-songwriter, Ballad, Folk, needs-music bithprod 2 1 week 2 days
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link Shallow hollow men acoustic, girl with guitar, acoustic guitar, folklore, Ballad DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 3 1 week 3 days
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Molly from Tipperary Irish Ballad, Irish style song, irish folk, Molly Malone, acoustic, girl with guitar, folkish, Folk, storytelling, Ballad, acoustic guitar, onetake, one-take, One take DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 4 1 week 3 days
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link You hold my hand Ballad marthienel 4 1 week 3 days
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link Muistatko experimental, punk, Ballad, improvised, one-take JS6 1 1 week 5 days
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link Ballad of Pete country, Ballad, guitar, demo edsmaron 5 2 weeks 1 day
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link We are not good for us girl with guitar, acoustic, rain, Ballad, storytelling, Folk DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 6 2 weeks 1 day
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Her Green Hair Ballad, Folk, Swish-folk Aging Ophelia 13 2 weeks 1 day